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Another Day, Another Poorly Bad Daughter



what is it with kids? the first sign of a little cough and sore throat you'd think they were on deaths door.

There I was at work when I retrieved my phone from my bag only to find three messages to call my wfe URGENTLY. So I did, turns out my youngest ( who's 12 5'6" and is fit as a lop) was a little under the weather at school. Could I drop everything and go get her. Of course as with everything, I called my wife back, only to be told she'd left work about 15mins earlier...why don't I try her mobile? Now my wife, bless her, hates anything techie, she doesn't know how to pick up her voice mail without help, she doesn't possess a handfree set and when her phone does ring,she

1. doesn't hear it and

2, NEVER recognises the ringtone.

So although it's a pointless thing, I ring her.....no reply,answerphone......aaahhhh I hate phones.

Needless to say we both got to her school at the same time, my wife said she'd go back to work unfortunately she was low on fuel. Galantly I said she could take mine.

That's another thing why is that my wife and women of my immediate family all let there partners etc have their cars when there's no bloody fuel in them? Yet they moan like a drain if we do the same.

Anyway taking her to the docs today as she still not right, must be be bad as my wife says it seems as though shes got man flu or something and 'she's definately your daughter' was another snide remark


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