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Rick The Stick



Our Sunday afternoon trip to the garden centre turned into a more exciting venture than expected when a little somebody spied some stick insects for sale! £1 each for the cute little things.

Having spoken to the sales girl, who kindly went outside to pick brambles for food, we bought the little tank and the spray bottle (to keep the tank moist). It was then discovered that the only 'sticks' left were an elderly guy with 2 legs missing(!) or a newly hatched baby that was like a tiny spider! The girl said she would need to keep the baby warm and give it extra care and we thought it could be lost on the way home so we opted for the old man, who we were given for free!

As you may have guessed he's been given the name Rick, and his new home is on my son's desk in his room. He left us 14 little presents at the bottom of his tank this morning - not surprising after all the leaves he has eaten through already! I hadn't realised how interesting they are, even though it's true that most of the time they just impersonate sticks, you can see his little face and watch as he holds the leaf and chews on it - bless him.

Little man is obsessed with his new little friend, and carries him around the house with him. He will ask his teacher if he can take Rick to school one day, hmm not sure what the teacher will say to that! And Fleur the cat was pleased to meet her new step brother, Rick <_<

Any advice would be helpful :unsure:


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