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Conjunctivitus (oh Dear)

snow raven


I have no doubt spelt the medical terminology incorrectly (along with half the words in this blog) Anyway, you know what I mean. (oh dear, starting this blog with a waffle - not a good sign)

Anyway, Emily (the lovely mini me) has caught conjuntivitus (sp) We noticed a slightly red eye on Sunday, so I initially treated it with warm water and cotton wall balls, and it did clear up. Until today. Mr Raven received a phonecall from school informing him that Em is unable to attend school until the infection has cleared up. Thankfully he has annual leave (which I don't have, as I am saving mine for booking off February annual leave) and I took 3 days off as 'special leave' 2 weeks ago with Em's cold. Anyway, both of them went out today and got some eye drops from Boots for conjuntivitus (sp) which was fine, as it would take at least until next friday (27th) to see the doctor about it. By which time, Em's eye would have either been glued shut for a week, or it would have cleared up.

Anyway. Mr R attempted the eye drops today. Oh dear. Kick in the head for his efforts. I tried myself this evening, and apart from a poorly aimed karate chop in the direction of my throat, managed to steer clear of injury. Just wafted some smoked salmon under Em's nose and the eyes opened for a drip of chemicals. Lovely. A girl after my own heart.

Only another 4 days to go with the eye drops. Why can't Em be bribed with something cheaper?


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Ewww......putting eye drops in anyone is awful but a child :nonono: not nice

Hope she's feeling better soon and keep up the tempting with smoked salmon etc ;)

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Poor Em, eyedrops are so sting-y, the ones I have for allergic conjunctivitis with my hayfever sting like hell, so she has my sympathies.

Luckily they do work quickly, so Ihope she feels better soon :)

MMmmmmm smoked salmon :D

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I've got to say, what a sensible child for demanding some smoked salmon in exchange for the eye drops. As someone who suffered eye problems all through childhood I can empathise with the wee lamb. Wait until the eye people turn her eyelids inside out to have a proper look at the eye, you'll need a king's ransom in smoked salmon that day! Seriously though, I hope her eyes get better, it is a miserable thing for a kid to suffer.

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thanks peeps for your messages. Em's eyes are a lot better, thank goodness. She is alternating doing the eye drops herself (well, she thinks she is - I am guiding the bottle!) or, laying down on the settee, closing her eyes (not tight shut) and I'll put a drop in each corner and when she opens her eyes again the drop goes in. Im off work with her tomorrow, so we will be eating smoked salmon together :lol:

CMD - I know what you mean about the eyelid being turned inside out - I have to have that done every 6 months at my contact lense check ups. Its like something from a horror film :lol:

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