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Hello 2 u all!! :angry:

Well what lovely weather!! its been so nice lately,i love this cold weather and sunshine!

Had a pretty quiet weekend,i was stuck inside with not much to do on sat,the o/h was playing with his car!!I did go out to see it once it was finished thou,its back on the road as from weds so i better had get my crash helmet out!!!!

Went out on sun and did some shopping!! yey! made up 4 the boring saturday,and then we went to stover park which is a gorgeous woodland with ponds etc,had a nice walk,my diet was kind of put on hold over the weekend,i ate and drunk far 2 much! oh well im back on it today!! :blink:

My o/h was thinking alot yest,erday he wants us to go on alot of cheap hols this year so instead of spending a fortune he was looking at caravans,then trailer tents and now hes narrowed it down to a lovely big tent!! :nonono:

Im not going anywhere unless its a big tent and its warm weather!! lol!!

So we have been looking for one with a few compartments and a living area,they look nice so maybe ill be in for a fun summer!!! :unsure: :nonono:

I still am jobless,been applying like mad still,had a few interviews and not heard anything yet so fingers crossed!! the applying thing really is doing my head in lately! the same details over and over again!

My dad is coming over tomo so were going to spend some time together and i cant wait,cos dont see him that much without the dog around!! :blink: <_<

Anyway thats about it 4 now.

Take care all,

B xx :blink:


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