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A place for those in the Midlands to chat about the weather and their daily lives.
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  2. August was warm and dry. 9th July and 5th/6th August 1981 had some quite potent storms with near day time darkness for the August ones. Trevor Harley description below.
  3. What was the summer of 81 like (looking at old videos of the ashes it wasn't great) but 18 was a stormer.. Where's the trend?
  4. Rainfall for this month has breached 100mm today, and it's currently at 101mm. I think this March locally will be the wettest since at least 2018 (113mm) and maybe since 1981 looking at past data. 110mm maybe reachable for the final value given forecast next few days.
  5. Couple of mild days coming up, but talk of a stormy Friday. March going out like a Lion, it's roared most of the month.
  6. Chilly air arrived around 6pm yesterday and ice this morning on windscreens almost a frost ! chilly feel to the day today even in nice sunshine 🥶☀️
  7. I spy with my two big gorgeous brown eyes what do I see today ……💋
  8. Just had a few flakes of snow here. Had a look at the radar, as I was expecting a completely dry day, to find we are on the eastern edge of a line of showers drifting south east a few miles to the west .
  9. Bleurgh! Im done with Winter now! Lets hope the next one delivers as always. The tease we had a couple of weeks back has been succeeded by plenty of rain (but still not enough in the grand scheme to replenish river levels) and glimpses of mid teens when the sun has been out this week, but the thought of single figures again this March, personally i think im done now. Just my opinion of course!
  10. Lovely sunny morning at 7 am chilly wind ….. a sign of days ahead ❄️🧐
  11. March stats up to yesterday. Been quite poor for sunshine (from Bablake station) and now at 84mm, very wet for March. Cold Anomalies being washed out too after recent warmth. @CoventryWeather
  12. Small storm just sweeped through here took me by surprise. Posted a video and a pic in the convective thread. Not bad for March!
  13. Crackley thunder heard and lightning to the east. Some huge towers back building too in that direction.
  14. We’ll share that massive big straw we’ll need nobble…but never say never 🤞😁
  15. bit more snow Sunday / Monday ? ❄️❄️🤞🏻💪🏼 come on ?
  16. I know 🫣 it never happens when the possibilities of whatever can fall from above is ❄️❄️❄️ does it 🤣
  17. Pouring with rain this morning in Leicester. How have the BBC gotten this so wrong? Look at their automated weather forecast and weather radar vs the live radar.

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