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A place for those in the Midlands to chat about the weather and their daily lives.
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  2. After a pretty nice day, it's now raining! Only a couple of showers on the radar, but one of them is right over me. Irritating.
  3. Best weather of the day (sunshine-wise) this evening. Sky has cleared a little now. Quite cool though - and more to come overnight. Looks as though the forecasts now show the rains returning...?
  4. After a dull start, it is now mostly cloudy with some sunshine in spots. Turned out to be quite a pleasant afternoon.
  5. Suddenly got very windy here in the last half hour for some reason.
  6. Weather Enthusiast91 Got some border flowering ready to go out for the wife. I'm a veg fanatic myself, so the potatoes are ready...chitted, raring to go! I've held them back a bit this year, don't want them to drown. Peas ready soon. Need a bit more warmth for the outdoor tomatoes,under glass atm. Courgette plants doing OK, beans too. But I need some dry and warmth...
  7. Weather Enthusiast91 Yes, not as sunny as I'd expected. A bit of wind-chill this morning too? But overall, a decent day, and I don't think that we had any rain...! I got the lawn done. Hedges, edges and some planting out tomorrow...!
  8. 'Twas the first 20°C day of the year yesterday for this neck of the woods. A pity it was cloudy.
  9. I hit 18.9c….it’s that traditional time of the year though….when warmth can over night can turn to brrrr….today for most was absolutely dry that’s the main
  10. Unsurprisingly a new 2024 high for me at 18.7 °C. Lovely when the sun was out, though a bit uninspiring when the murk returned later on.
  11. Shame it’s now ️ was not expecting this, got all my garden furniture out earlier too!!!
  12. Really very Spring-like out there now, pleasant in the sun, and the car said 19c this afternoon. A little warmer and I'll start hankering after a nice cold lager sitting in the garden...! A distinct improvement.
  13. SollyOlly Yes same here, hopefully will be able to mow the lawn again amd clear the flower beds, Also got my seed potatoes to plant out.
  14. Looks like I'll get the chance to hit the garden jobs this weekend...quite looking forward to it in an odd way! Nice to see bluebells beginning to emerge, and some early beautiful carpets of forget-me-nots...lifts the spirits.
  15. Don't often recall it getting milder through the evening in what is now virtually mid of April. Quite the warm sector coming in from the Atlantic tonight but also with a lot of moisture! Up to 17-18C from tomorrow to Saturday.
  16. Wow, what a day. With the wind and lashing rain, it feels colder than November or February! Back in my winter coat today when out and about, and considered my gloves too! My cat is seriously unimpressed with this...so he's catching up on his sleep (!), I mean, he only gets about 16hrs per day poor thing...(!!) But we could be in for a better end of the week/ weekend? Is that on the cards? I'd love the chance to get back out into the garden and do some jobs, one of the upsides of the wet (and there's not many) is that things are a lovely verdant green, so with a tidied up garden and some sunshine that might look very nice... For now though - a day to endure so far.
  17. nobble Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that you were knocked off your bike. Hope you're ok? Not a great day out there today in these parts, chillier feel, but at least it's been a dry day so far. Agree with what some others have said, things are looking lovely and green out there atm! How much better it would all look with some sunshine on it though...! I am a big one for winter and cold, but would be a bit 'take it or leave it' for snow now. Way too late...save it up for next winter!
  18. At least the crappy weather has meant I haven’t missed riding my bike as much since getting knocked off my bike Tuesday morning !! looks like it will feel cold Tuesday and Wednesday am next week is there still a hope for snow ??
  19. Not a pleasant late afternoon/early evening here. Windy, gloomy, wet. The heaviest of the rain band is just a little to the east of here, but it'll have added a few more mm to the rainfall total and right now that's never welcome. 24 hours ago tomorrow was forecast to be largely dry with only a small risk of showers. Why do I think the day is going to be downgraded yet *again* in reality?
  20. Looking at the latest ukv, it shows some rather beefy showers tomorrow afternoon, any thundery potential perhaps? We'll see

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