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  2. Damage reported in Cork overnight as heavy, persistent, thundery rain just kept on coming. Possible tornadic damage. (no mini-tornadoes here please) Nick's forecast identified the risk.
  3. Hello everyone! Been a lurker for a while but convinced myself to make an account. in my view This winter by all accounts seems to have been fairly decent for snow and ice. My hiking has me up Errigal, Muckish, etc routinely so I think its averaged nearly a (cumulative) month of decent snow cover above 600m for this winter. In middle of January, there was snow cornices on Muckish lol . Back in Derry about a week of snow or so thereabouts.
  4. Was coming down in Coleraine as I was driving through but to warm to settle
  5. Been coming down here heavy since 8:00am, have nearly 2 inches on the ground.
  6. A gritter with a snow plough passed me when I was walking the dog. I checked the traffic cans when I came in and it's snowing on the Glenshane.
  7. Thought they might have removed those warnings this morning looking at the forecast.
  8. Lol literally woke up to not a single flake! I think I need to move inland. Can't believe how much some people got, brilliant to see. Frustrating that this sort of thing can't last more than a day or 2 though
  9. Had about an inch or so here in the end up. Thaw well and truly on.
  10. We got a very nice covering last night. Send the kids off to school, wonder if there will be any left when they come back home.
  11. Unreal amounts of snow in Newtownabbey. Reminds me very much of the winter storm ten years ago that brought so much snow with it.
  12. Just a little snow here in Belfast. šŸ„° absolutely beautiful this morning.
  13. Credit to the MetO, amber warning definitely required, snow drifts and about 8ā€ covering on roads here
  14. Slight covering - crusty and not deep - but Iā€™m sure it will be deeper up at the reservoirs. Enjoy the day!

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