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  2. Heavy snow and lying in Omagh. Slushy though as it was miserable and wet before it!
  3. Snowing right down to sea level. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=787501180077857&set=a.545406000954044
  4. Last 2 hours has been nuts here. If this had came a few weeks earlier 25cm easily would have stuck.
  5. My daughter sent a pic from Dublin, looks great. Looking at the radar there's a good flow off the sea there and you must be hitting the sweet spot for cold coming down from the north.
  6. Rocheydub huzzah! Delighted for you all down there. Cold day here but dry
  7. BREAKING NEWS: The Dublin snow shield has been broken. Yes it’s very wet snow and it will be gone by afternoon, but it is snow! First time to have lying snow since 2018
  8. Whiteout here in Cill Dara. Best sneachta in yonks. Will take a few snaps before it gets washed away.
  9. More chances of passing wintery showers for those in the NW for the next couple of days!
  10. Global warming saving on those heating bills My Mrs has told me to get the grass cut tomorrow, in the middle of February! Never done that before.
  11. The birds are singing their hearts out this past week, so I am all on the roll forward spring train.
  12. 12C all week Mid February Would be a lot more pleasant if you didn't know we probably will get half that temperature in the middle of March
  13. booferking totally predictable. Anything coming up from the South will only be a slushy mess. I’ve had zero interest in this event from when it was first mooted. What has happened is what I expected - wet snow on the highest ground. If there is a NW - N - NE element to a cold spell I’m interested. Even the feted Beast from the East doesn’t do a lot here but at least it’s seasonally cold when it does happen.

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