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The new home of SACRA (the Snow And Cold Ramping Association). Now in it's 14th year, this is the place to be if you're a snow fan!
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  2. I always leave my garage door open, during the best Winters enough snow builds up on the open quarter to enable a self closure... it's a sound to behold.
  3. Snow overnight for Dartmoor, Exmoor and Welsh Mountains with a bit down to lower levels. Tuck of cold air from the northern Atlantic , with low "Nelson" named by AEMET Spanish Met Service.
  4. Warnings for Snow and Ice today with cold Arctic air and an incoming band of rain
  5. Its not dead yet Beka lol. Just in storage fir now
  6. Christmas Eve on The Fanningberg. Find my car ? C
  7. About to leave this on route to Skipton this morning ! C
  8. We all live in hope Beka. This time last year was good for snow so not all bad.
  9. Oh I like the no salt campaign!! We should revolt against it! I'm up for it ... Gorgeous pic!
  10. Well this picture might cheer you up. Tromso shopping centre in Norway. Note how they treat their snow with some love and respect. No crappy salt grit to flush it away. Back in Britain the streets are laden with the stuff at the first sign of snowflakes ( if you get any ) Preserve I say and NO TO SALT ! c
  11. With the lack of snow we not get in this country this thread is as good as dead forever me thinks
  12. Surprised no one’s posted yet about the snow this weekend north of the border. Daughter had snow on Saturday in Livingston and I got my first proper dusting in Aberdeenshire on Sunday afternoon.
  13. ok its that time of the year. First snowman of the season built on the terrace. Hope it lasts . Won't be long now for a UK snowman appears ! C
  14. Scared to post anything at the moment in case it jinxes the whole situation. Also limiting myself to short bursts of model thread as it’s a bit too like a seesaw in there for my liking
  15. This morning in Alpendorf. C
  16. Snowing this morning in the village. C
  17. While we are awaiting #StormCiaran from the SW tonight, there is #UKsnow over the mountains of Scotland. It was cold and clear for a time overnight, down to -5.5C. More rain for the areas hit by flooding in Babet (red triangles) and high lee gusts in the brisk easterly wind. The rainband is edging northwards today, so a bit of #snow for the NW Highland tops but more rain showers from the south.
  18. Sledging down Arundel High Street 2nd December 2010. C
  19. The winter fun is starting, with random UKsnow headlines. There are signs of snow over the tops of the Scottish mountains on Sunday, for the Grampians. Also perhaps a showery easterly flow later next week, early November with more sleet and snow showers over the mountain tops. Not much more at this stage. Not the whiteout shown in the photos below. It will be November, winter is coming.
  20. Another picture of the Arundel snow taken in Dec 1908. Going by the man with the spade at the top , looks like the snowfall was pretty deep. C
  21. One for you snow lovers down south. Back in time, 30th December 1908, location Arundel, West Sussex. Classic snow chart that. C
  22. Due to the upcoming stong el nino, it seems as if theres decent possibility for snow round the uk with a medium chance of a historical snow event such as the Beast From The East or even a winter like the one in 2009/2010. It would still be foolish to expect these things to happen though and there's still a decent chance of us getting a quite poor winter like the ones we've been getting the last few years.
  23. Another snowy Arundel. Maybe taken 10-15 years ago ? C
  24. Found this one taken in Arundel, West Sussex in 1908. I bet its a long time since they last had winter scenes like this one ! C

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