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The new home of SACRA (the Snow And Cold Ramping Association). Now in it's 14th year, this is the place to be if you're a snow fan!
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  2. Latest radar showing heavy snow showers continuing over the far north of Scotland, a dig of wintry showers down the North Sea but plenty of clear blue skies and sunshine. The wind has backed slightly whereas last night snow showers covered Northumberland, Newcastle and the coast of Yorkshire near Whitby and Scarborough. The weak waving front over southern Britain with more cloud, rain did bring some slushy snow over higher ground last night. That waving weak front will bring more cold damp weather to southern England tonight with more slushy snow possible along the northern edge and over highest ground. Eyes turn to the next frontal system pushing in from the SW on Wednesday and how far north the mix of icy rain and possible snow reaches. A developing low centre is complicating this forecast. The first purple area is mainly for Wednesday afternoon, evening and pulling away from SE Britain on Wednesday night. There could be disruption along the M4 with snow possible from Cardiff across to Greater London, whether it falls as rain, sleet or snow. By Thursday, a more significant low pressure looks to barrel in from the Atlantic, across the UK on Thursday night the exiting east on Friday. The first reaches of precipitation could be over Wales and the West Midlands by Thursday morning, then over Northern Ireland and northern England by lunchtime. Not only will there be rain and snow, but also strong winds making it feel very cold and blowing the snow about. More disruption is forecast
  3. I feel I will never be a part of this group again ...
  4. Who likes snow ? Feast your eyes on this one from the great snowfall in Dec 2020 , East Tyrol. C
  5. Lunchtime band of #Snow showers for SE Scotland . More like Snow Grains fluffy polystyrene like tiny white balls - "the solid equivalent to drizzle"
  6. We have a sprinkling of snow this morning, yay!
  7. March 18th 2018 Kirkburton.
  8. Snowy start this morning for East Lothian. Just over an inch at sea level.
  9. Or back! Very good 👍🏼. Just joined the FB page…now there’s a few hours to waste 😉
  10. Its the new way forward !😀
  11. Ha ha, I’ve just recently come across the Gate Appreciation Society & did consider it! Might take another look 🤓
  12. I thought snow was a dead cert for my region this week..... now it's mostly dry. Why do I keep falling for it? You would think that I would have learned by now.....
  13. Snow warning for northern Scotland for at least four days as showers just keep arriving in the cold flow from the north. Waiting to see what low pressures in the English Channel manage tonight and on Tuesday - they've been named by Meteo France (tonight Gerard) and AEMET Spain (Fien)
  14. Not sure where to put this picture but I am sure quite a few SACRA members will enjoy. Remarkable picture taken of frozen Thames at Putney Bridge in 1860. I wonder what those bearded gents think of it ? C
  15. Ha ha i wanted to be a forest ranger at one point some time ago but bailed out because it seemed like years of college and training had to be done🙄
  16. @Allseasons-si not sure of the date of this photo. Its just I love wooden gates and road sign posts ! , sad really but that is what I like ! The scene does remind me of back at my dads farm in East Cheshire during the severe winter spell of February 1979 when a lot of drifting snow blocked the lanes to the farm. Happy days ! C
  17. Well worked out. Must be . If I ever get lost back in Blighty, I will call you ! cheers 🍻 c
  18. Couldn't find Rushmoor edge,...are you sure it's not Rushup edge? i think it is Rushup edge😁 found this photo but the sign has been put up on the other side of the gate,this was taken in 2014,when was your photo? Update on Rushup Edge - Peak District MTB PEAKDISTRICTMTB.ORG The work currently being undertaken is from the start of the bridleway (was a Byway) from the main Rushup Edge Road (093 826) and it has reached the small gate (close to 099 829) just before the connection to the joining of...
  19. Hi , I am not sure of the exact location. However, a fellow member of the Gate Appreciation Society, yes there is one ! mentions near Rushmoor Edge ? C
  20. I have walked quite a bit of the peak district but i cannot pinpoint where this is,...it looks like mid range in height say 2-300 mts with the trees though could be somewhere near shrines moor or upper Bradfield or Bolsterstone way maybe,...am i close?
  21. Is it somewhere in the peak district?🤔
  22. Low flying motorcycle gate ! Anyone quess where this is ? C
  23. Historic photo of Madison Ave , New York City, taken during the Great Blizzard of March 1888. C
  24. My son just sent this photo of the Vancouver Snowstorm. C
  25. My daughter who lives in Stockholm reports -22c in the city centre 09.00 hrs. ! C

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