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A new place for those in the Southeast of England, London and East Anglia to chat about the weather and their daily lives.
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  2. This is purely observational, but I'm currently seeing quite progressive cloud building in and around the Epsom area. Humidity feels more intense than yesterday, let's see if this blows through or burns off by the afternoon.
  3. So am I right from today we are under a gentle heat warning of yellow. But the clouds have already rolled in here. So.the blue sky and heat from early this morning when I was out for my exercise has completely gone......... again. Another day of chasing the clouds
  4. Jimmyh Agree seems impossible/very rare to have a day of unbroken sunshine in these modern times. Around the coasts seem to have done ok today in our patch though
  5. Jimmyh Thinking that this afternoon...I don't think we've had one this Spring or June. BBC website has the next 3/4 days as unbroken sunshine so expect cloud to roll in
  6. A mixed bag in Surbiton today, mostly cloudy, at times very cloudy, brightening up now as the front over us all day barring this morning (clear blue skies then) thins out allowing the sun to come out. It feels hot and humid, local weather station (Wunderground) at 25 degrees, 53% humidity, dewpoint 14.4.
  7. The cloud has remained broken enough to allow temperatures to reach 25c with just a gentle westerly breeze. Lovely day.
  8. It's been the best day of the year so far here: 23C and the sea breeze has undercut the clouds approaching from the west.
  9. I'm all for heat and sunshine, but would happily keep rain for once. I've a wasp nest a foot below my windows and they are more than happy to sneak in my flat. Found at least 12 crawling inside of my kitchen window when I got home from work yesterday plus its the weekend so pest control apparently don't work after 4pm Friday, or weekends... grr Dread to think what I'll find Monday after work if its hot and sunny
  10. Neilsouth makes you laugh doesn't it all winter we want a North or North easterly bye golly in summer it's 80% of the time ,this will make you laugh but then we are not part of europe anymore ..brexit even changed our weather by the looks if it ..
  11. Extraordinary, brief blip of heat this afternoon. Hit 26C for about 30 mins and felt very oppressive. Some very dark clouds appeared and have largely cleared. Now back down to 19.5C again.
  12. LetItSnow! I know what you mean. Here in Surbiton, the stack of grey clouds is in stark contrast to the sunset, making it very atmospheric.
  13. Absolutely incredible cloudscape over Islington right now. Creepy looking clouds, orange light, totally bizarre. It’s too large to capture on camera
  14. And more torrential rain The only upside I can see is it saves me a job of watering the garden and no hosepipe ban in the summer.
  15. Hi everyone. Will summer finally arrive next week, I’ve got a rotten cold never in all my 50 years been sick in June
  16. A few beefy showers here that quickly passed through on a gusty WSW'ly wind. And for June 15th a very disappointing max temp of 17C. Nevertheless, managed to enjoy a pleasant afternoon sat on the terrace of Hadleigh Cricket Club watching the game, albiet with a delayed start and reduced-over game under a threatening sky.

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