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  • Weather Abbreviations

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    Please be aware that these comments were copied here from another source and that the date and time shown for each comment may not be accurate.

    A quickie on the abbreviations...

    WZ- Wetterzentrale ( German website for viewing charts)

    NAO- North atlantic oscillation

    PNA- Pacific North american

    SOI./ENSO- El-Nino Southern oscillation

    WAA- Warm air advection

    CAA- Cold air advection

    528 DAM- is the line drawn on the maps that equated to the temperature ( MAX) that snow can be often observed at

    GFS- Global forecasting sytem

    METO- Met office model

    UKMO- United kingdom Met office

    ECM( Or ECMWF) European centre of medium range weather forecasts..

    ASL- Above sea level-

    PPN- Precipitation

    Ensembles- 10 GFS model runs- Control run is the one seen on the models

    SST'S sea surface temperatures

    PM- Polar maritime air

    MT- Maritime Tropical air

    PC- Polar Continental air

    LRF's - Long range forecasts

    MRF's- meduim range forecasts

    Trough- Upper level equivalent to a surface Low pressure

    Ridge- Upper level equivalent to a surface High pressure

    Blocking- The jet stream being moved AROUND CLOCKWISE a large area of high pressure.



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