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  • Global Wind Oscillation (GWO)

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    Here are the current Papers & Articles under the research topic Global Wind Oscillation (GWO). Click on the title of a paper you are interested in to go straight to the full paper.

    The tropical Madden-Julian oscillation and the global wind oscillation
    P ublished June 2008 by Klaus Weickmann and Ed Berry.

    The global wind oscillation (GWO) is a subseasonal phenomenon encompassing the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and mid-latitude processes like meridional momentum transports and mountain torques. A phase space is defined for the GWO following the approach of Wheeler and Hendon (2004) for the MJO. In contrast to the oscillatory behavior of the MJO, two red noise processes define the GWO. The red noise spectra have variance at periods that bracket the 30-60 day band generally used to define the MJO. The MJO and GWO correlation accounts for 25% of their variance and cross-spectra show well-defined phase relations. However, considerable independent variance still exists in the GWO. During MJO and GWO episodes, key events in the circulation and tropical convection derived from composites can be used for monitoring and for evaluating prediction model forecasts, especially for weeks 1-3. A case study during April-May 2007 focuses on the GWO and two ~30 day duration orbits with extreme anomalies in GWO phase space. The MJO phase space projections for the same time were partially driven by mountain torques and meridional transports. The case reveals the tropical-extratropical character of subseasonal events and its role in creating slowly evolving planetary-scale circulation and tropical convection anomalies.

    Tornado Frequency in the United States Related to Global Relative Angular Momentum

    U.S. Hail Frequency and the Global Wind Oscillation

    The Global Wind Oscillation and its impact on SW Michigan Severe Storms
    (This is a Powerpoint presentation which includes many basic facts about the GWO - worth a look to understand this teleconnection).


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