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  1. Today does seem to hold some merit at least for the far SE for the potential of some thundery activity into the evening. Shear profiles from AROME do seem to suggest the possibility of organised convection developing in the far SE with a low chance of any storm developing supercellular characteristics with it. It seems more likely that this will happen in northern France due to the 1500 J/kg of MUCAPE being available vs the 600/700 available in the SE. The abundance of potential convection developing in the SE does make me feel it's pretty unlikely unless one of the storms scoops up everything left in its environment. AROME did seem to play with the idea of a supercell developing in northern France on its 12z run yesterday with a storm that deviated to the right of its mean wind. Theta-E values are also highest in the far SE which seems to indicate to me at least that there is where most of the thundery activity will be even if convection does develop further west. All that being said however I still wouldn't put the chances of any thunderstorms developing at anything other than a slight chance considering conditions look MUCH better across the pond in France.
  2. Sprites Sadly not this was just one of the Weather Watcher images I found searching through - bloody wish I was though
  3. My report for Church Stowe WWW.BBC.CO.UK Church Stowe, Northamptonshire Largest hail I've seen for March
  4. Dxnielwashere The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO) WWW.TORRO.ORG.UK TORRO is a privately-supported research body specialising in severe convective weather in Britain and Ireland You can fill in a report here
  5. 7th - 14th August had 120.7 hours at Shoeburyness, an average of 13.4 hours per day. One of the best periods of weather that I can remember recently as well as being very warm, avg max here in Herne Bay was 24.6C. A selection of some of the pictures I took during that period are here.
  6. @Eagle Eye That very strong Pacific jet is certainly a show for how strong the +MT event currently is Let's just hope MJO passes through the maritime barrier and doesn't 'konk' out
  7. Wouldn't really say 1881 lol, very doubtful there'd be 24 inches of snow on the Sussex coast and 34 inches of snow on the Isle of Wight lol? It sure does look like a proper snow dump for someone but wouldn't say 1881
  8. Too strong and it could become the more 'dominant' high as it sucks away heights from Greenland This GIF from ECM shows it well
  9. May be the same person that's faked a tornado in their back garden a few times if it's a certain Crook
  10. Sleet & ice pellets all night here in Herne Bay. Added thundersleet too which I've attached a video of Untitled (17).mp4
  11. That looks to be 12z? ECM means normally start rolling out in half an hour or so
  12. I certainly need to scratch up my crumbs of knowledge on the GSDM so quite happy on the prospect of this becoming more active
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