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  1. Yes if anything I’d say it’s not unusual at all to have good/great summers back to back. There’s always one less good one out of a pair. If May and June last year had been in June & July then we had August (& September although not summer), it could’ve been the ‘less good but still good’ one of a 2022/2023 pair.
  2. East Lancs Rain that forecast looks like such a cop out
  3. *Stormforce~beka* warnings only go out for non-severe weather. A few tall pots down here, and the garden sofa has relocated to the grass from the patio… More down to direction of wind than strength imby.
  4. LetItSnow! Yep spot on really. Largely agree with @Summer8906 too on this matter.
  5. So it finally clears up now I've got stuff to get on with inside fgs. Another drab day to come tomorrow. Better luck with brightness on Monday perhaps!
  6. dr weather It's this pointless cloud that's left over that needs to go! No rain about anywhere now but it's still so flippin grey!
  7. Indeed, in fact the cold looks colder this year in places, but the distribution is all wrong for us compared to the previous years.
  8. If anything March is returning to more like what it should be. The warmer settled ones are more out of character. I’ve always considered March more unsettled than February and often large parts of January.
  9. reef it was a decent summer up until that ex tropical storm arrived on 10th August then the rest of the month was very unsettled and cool, although often still sunny. So August very much brings down the rating for that summer.
  10. Snowyowl9 cold records don't happen these days...!
  11. CryoraptorA303 I don’t see why the 1949 figure is nonsense…
  12. Possibly the worst day so far this month as the rain is also accompanied by a howling wind! Feeling less mild too. One might say this is proper Atlantic weather rather than the half arsed rubbish we’ve had so far this month… but it’s still grim!
  13. cheese Yes it’s actually brighter today than yesterday here. Can see the rain on the radar edging closer though.
  14. Until I can plan things ahead with a fairly good idea of what the weather will be like, I would still consider our climate to be unpredictable. A climate like the Mediterranean or the Tropics is more predictable. From one year to the next, there are too many chalk and cheese month eg July 2023 vs 2022 or May 2021 vs 2020… somebody made a thread about it very recently.
  15. Summer8906 I really hope not! At worst I could take a 2019 or 2020 which at least turned settled and sunny by the equinox.
  16. Supposed to have cleared through by now with bright skies but oh no, it’s dull as dishwater again with drizzle.
  17. December 1997 is another one going back a bit. The brief easterly midmonth had a snowy breakdown. Its still amazing how that whole spell just fell apart…
  18. offerman Yes I’m not sure why that is as it seems to be happening over lower rather than higher ground Tomorrow and Monday at least look brighter during the daylight hours. Fingers crossed for sun!
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