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Net-weather Alert 00056: 07th-08th January 2005

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  • Location: Heswall, Wirral
  • Weather Preferences: Summer: warm, humid, thundery. Winter: mild, stormy, some snow.
  • Location: Heswall, Wirral

    Weather Alert

    Category: Level 2 Warning

    Weather type: Heavy Rain, Severe Gales and Snow.

    Affecting: Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales

    Time and Date Valid For: 19:00 Friday 06th January - 10:00am Saturday 08th January 2005

    Time Of Issue: 13:37 Friday 07th January 2005.

    A wet and windy night is expected with severe gales and heavy persistent rain affecting most parts of the UK via a developing area of low pressure

    The low pressure is expected to develop as it moves east. This will increase windspeeds which will become stronger as the area of low pressure moves east across the UK. It will enter via western parts of England, Wales and Scotland overnight before moving into more eastern parts of the UK into tomorrow morning.

    Many areas can expect to see heavy rain, particularly over higher ground in England and Scotland. Totals could reach as high as 100mm by the end of the period over high ground. As the low moves east it will also bring with it the chance of some heavy snow into parts of northwest Scotland where there could be from 5-10cm in places, especially over high ground.

    As well as this, severe gales are likely to affect most part of the UK with gusts up to 90mph possible in exposed locations in Wales, Northern England and Scotland. Whilst 60-70mph gusts can be expected in Northern Ireland. Primarily the areas effected will be western areas overnight, but winds are expected to move east and pick up in strength as they do so. There is the chance of storm damage with damage to trees and some structures likely and supplies of electricity may be affected also. Drifting may be a problem in Scotland at the end of the night, with any snow that falls and settles.

    Please take extra care if you have to venture out.

    Expect further updates as and when is necessary.

    Confidence Level: 90%

    Note: This alert should be considered a guide and we strongly recommend you stay tuned to the Met-Office for further warnings and updates.

    Disclaimer: The owners of net-weather.co.uk hold no responsibility for losses or damage to property or injury to persons due to any information or forecasts contained in this website. The application of any of the information or forecasts within this site are entirely at the users risk. The information and forecasts held on this website and any services linked with the website are provided on an as is basis, the owners of net-weather hold no responsibility for losses or damage to property or injury to persons due to any of these being unavailable at any time.

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