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January Update (west Lancashire)


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Here in West Lancashire, January turned out to be the mildest since I started keeping records for the 4 winter months November to end of February. The temperature averaged out at 7.3 Centigrade against 7.0 C last January. There were only two air frosts and one ground frost compared to 6 air frosts last January.

Having said that, January did not feel all that mild with strong winds on many days which produced a wind chill and made it feel quite cold. Sunshine was at a premium and generally it was a dull and gloomy month. The wind and cloud prevented frosts. For a winter month, January was very disappointing. With less than 4 weeks to go until Spring, I will give my final report for this winter at the end of this month reviewing the month and also the winter in general.


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  • Location: Canterbury, Kent
  • Location: Canterbury, Kent

    I think you thread probaly needs to go in the January reports section but I will reply my thoughts on this.

    I started recording max daytime temps at the start of this January and like you the mean Jan temps was 7.3c. This however is shade temperature and the real temp was probaly a bit higher. I recorded 5 frosts 4 days with sleet or snow. one day where snow settled and 2 days with winds exceeding 50mph.

    Max day-time temp: 12c

    Min day-time temp: 2c

    WBSH B)

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