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Net-weather Alert 00083: April 07th - 09th 2005

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  • Location: Near Matlock, Derbyshire
  • Location: Near Matlock, Derbyshire

    Weather Alert

    Category: Level 2

    Weather Type: Snow/Ice

    Affecting: All parts of the UK, but snowfall especially for higher ground in northern Britain.

    Time and Date Valid For: 00:01 Thursday 07th April - 18:00 Saturday 09th April 2005

    Time Of Issue: 12:30pm Wednesday 06th April 2005

    A much colder spell of weather is likely over the next two or three days as a cold north/northwesterly airstream develops behind the current low that moves away to the east brining a return to wintry conditions.

    During the next couple of days, showery conditions will develop across all parts with hail, thunder, sleet or snow becoming increasingly likely almost anywhere.

    During Thursday night and Friday, the coldest air is likely to move in, with the hills of Scotland, Northern England, Northern Ireland and perhaps North Wales having the potential to see a lot of snowfall, with as much as 10cm settling. With the strong to gale force northerly winds, this snow could drift and blow around at times as well as provide blizzard like conditions in the heaviest showers.

    There is a small risk that a period of precipitation could move south during Thursday night, bringing a slight covering of snow even to southern parts.

    Frost will become widespread during Thursday and Friday nights, with icy surfaces likely. Please also see our seperate advisory for gardener's which can be found at: http://www.net-weather.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=15588

    Please stay tuned to Net-Weather for any possible Flash Alerts that may be issued if necessary.

    Confidence Level: 80%

    Note: This alert should be considered a guide and we strongly recommend you stay tuned to the Met-Office for further warnings and updates.

    Disclaimer: The owners of net-weather.co.uk hold no responsibility for losses or damage to property or injury to persons due to any information or forecasts contained in this website. The application of any of the information or forecasts within this site are entirely at the users risk. The information and forecasts held on this website and any services linked with the website are provided on an as is basis, the owners of net-weather hold no responsibility for losses or damage to property or injury to persons due to any of these being unavailable at any time.

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