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April Stats And Views


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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

Hedon, East Yorkshire.

April 2005

Warmest Max: 19.4°C (on 29/04/05)

Coldest Max: 6.8°C (on 05/04/05)

Warmest Min: 9.4°C (on 30/04/05)

Coldest Min: -0.6°C (on 09/04/05)

Average Max: 14.1°C

Average Min: 4.3°C

Overall Average: 9.2°C (+1.1°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

Air Frosts: 1

Snow showers: 3

Snow lying at 0900: 1 day

Dry Days: 14

Wet Days: 17

Thunderstorms: 2

Year 2005 So Far (Jan - Apr)

Warmest Max: 19.4°C (on 29/04/05)

Coldest Max: 3.3°C (on 24/02/05)

Warmest Min: 11.0°C (on 07/01/05)

Coldest Min: -2.4°C (on 28/02/05)

Average Max: 10.2°C

Average Min: 3.4°C

Overall Average: 6.8°C (+1.1°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

Air Frosts: 13

Snow showers: 42

Snow lying at 0900: 5 days

Dry Days: 54

Wet Days: 67

Thunderstorms: 2

The month started off mild before a brief northerly incursion on the 8th which gave a dusting of snow and a hard frost. It then quickly turned milder again, with 17.4°C being recorded 2 days later. Mid-month saw a calmer spell with average temperatures before the wind turned to the east bringing misty and gloomy days and some cold nights. For a period of 10 days midmonth the minimum temperature did not rise above 4.6°C. The last part of the month saw the wind turn south-westerly bringing much milder air from the south, allowing the temperature to reach 19.4°C on the 29th.

To summerise, another mild April very much above the 1971-2000 average. However the difference here to past months is that the higher average temperature was brought about not by a high average minimum, but a high average maximum.

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  • Location: Pollard's Hill, Surrey
  • Location: Pollard's Hill, Surrey

Monthly Report for April 2005 at Pollard's Hill Weather Station, Surrey

19.1c on the 3rd then there was thunder on the 7th and sleet fell on the coldest day on the month on the 8th. Across the board though during the month temperatures were above average.

It turned really warm right at the end on the 30th with an all time minimum high temperature record for April of 13.2c rewriting the previous best of 12.4 from 28th April 1994.

Rainfall were once again below average this despite the fact that rain was recorded on 14 days of the month.

Max Temp Avg.....15.35c...(+-0.62 above Avg)

Min Temp Avg....6.34c...(+0.22)

Mean Temp Avg.....10.84c.....(+0.42)

Highest Daytime Max.....23.1c (30th)

Lowest Night Min.....-0.8c (9th)

Total Rainfall.....38mm...(-11mm below Avg)

Wettest Day.....8mm...(25th)

Number of Dry Days.....16

Number of Rain Days.....14

Previous April's (Mean Temps)

1991.....No data, I was in the US.















Previous April's Total Rainfall (mm)














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  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet
  • Weather Preferences: Extreme winter cold,heavy bowing snow,freezing fog.Summer 2012
  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet

Hello everyone, thought I would stick this in of my views and records of April.

The beginning of April saw high pressure to the east of the UK bring mild South to South easterly winds to most of the Country. Indeed it was sunny and warm over many parts on the 2nd with 19c being recorded here in Burton.

However this mild / warm spell was short lived because by the 4th temperature started to fall as a deep area of low pressure started to move towards northern Scotland, this bringing cooler westerly winds and some rain to most parts.

By the 6th the low had deepened to around 990mb with its centre being just off northwest Scotland, this brought some typical April weather with cool strong showery west to north westerly winds across the country, bringing temperature tumbling down further, with maximums being in the range of 9c to 11c.

By the 8th a full Arctic blast had got under way, this brought some spectacular frequent heavy hail, sleet and snow showers to many parts of the UK. Temperature dropped even lower, max of only 6c here.

From the 10th to the 21st temperatures recovered to average levels over most of the country.

Northerly blocking became quite a feature during this period with areas of low pressure often tracking across central areas of the UK, this causing winds to blow from an easterly direction for some lengthy periods, some frost was recorded also during this period, plus some heavy rain at times too, which made this month the wettest so far this year. However when skies remained clear during daylight hours, warm sunshine made for very pleasant conditions, even though shade temperature were only around the average, the exception to this being the 25th which saw temperature climb to 16c or 17c over many parts, very nice indeed.

Finally the end of the saw month warm plumes of air moving up from the south over the UK, but with low pressure not far away, the air was a little unstable, but there was some very warm sunshine at times which sparked off some thundery activity especially over the south and the midlands.

Maximum daytime temperature on the 30th = 21.1c

Minimum overnight temperature on the 8th / 9th = -2c

Average Maximum = 13c

Average Minimum = 4.4c

Mean = 8.7c

Rainfall total = 41.3 mm

Air Frosts = 2

Ground frosts = 7



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  • Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire 160M Powering the Sheffield Shield
  • Weather Preferences: Any Extreme
  • Location: Sheffield South Yorkshire 160M Powering the Sheffield Shield

Very similar but we just managed above average rain

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
  • Weather Preferences: Sunshine, convective precipitation, snow, thunderstorms, "episodic" months.
  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

I thought it was a very ordinary month in Tyneside, and not particularly memorable, with a lot of cloud, the odd bit of sun and the odd bit of rain.

Overall, rainfall was above average due to a few excessively wet days (the 14th and 15th stick out), and sunshine was close to normal. As usual temperatures were above the long-term average but not excessively so.

The events that stick out for me are a classic April day of sunshine and showers on the 6th, and the first snow in April since 2001 occurring on the 8th. Indeed, the last time we had a more potent cold snap than 8 April 2005 was back in mid April 1999. Then there were some fine sunny days during the final third of the month, albeit mixed in with some days of sea fog.

The month's average "Good Weather Rating" from me came out at 54%, which isn't bad, but is nothing spectacular. I suspect that May could come out with a somewhat higher rating though!

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

Here are my stats from Westbury, Wiltshire from April 2005 (compared to April 2004)

Average max = 13.56c (13.3c)

Average min = 4.16c (5.3c)

Mean = 8.86c (9.3c)

Highest = 21c on 30th (24c)

Lowest = -4c on 9th and 15th (-1c)

Dry days = 13

Precipitation days = 17 (of which snow/sleet/hail = 5)

**Both figures the same as 2004 :p

Rainfall = 78mm (no figure for 2004)

The major difference is that this April had a few hard frosts which brought the mean temp down by about half a degree on last year.

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

Average daily high 12.4º (13.2º)

Average daily low 3.2º (4.6º)

Mean 7.8º (8.9º)

Highest temperature 18.9º on 2nd (20.2º)

Lowest temperature -0.9º on 8th (0.0º)

Rainfall - 53.8mm (48.6mm)

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  • Location: Canterbury, Kent
  • Location: Canterbury, Kent

Maidstone, Kent :lol: April 2005

Warmest Max: 22c (72f) 29th

Coldest Max: 8c (46f) 8th

Warmest Min: 14c (57f) 30th

Coldest Min: -2c (28f) 8th

Overall Max Average: 15.3c

Snow showers: 1

Snow lying at 0900: 0

Dry Days: 14

Wet Days: 8

Days with sun: 16

Days with sun and rain: 4

Thunderstorms: 1

WBSH :lol:

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  • Location: Norton, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Weather Preferences: Snow and cold in winter, warm and sunny in summer
  • Location: Norton, Stockton-on-Tees

Average Daily High: 13.29c (13.63c)

Average Daily Low : 3.6c (5.24c)

Monthly Mean Temp.: 8.44c (9.44c)

Highest Temperature: 18.6c (21.5c)

Lowest Temperature: -1.8c (-0.5c)

Precipitation : 52mm (71mm)

Ground Frosts: 4 (2)

Air Frosts: 7 (2)

Up until the 26th the mean temperature was only 7.85c, the last 4 days of the month brought the mean up by 0.59c.

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks


my full stats for April; limited version in my signature:

avge min avge max Mean

4.5 14.4 9.5

sorry how that comes out on here, so hope its understandable!

avge avge long term

min max mean

3.9 12.6 8.3

so mean was 1.2C higher than long term average

Max daytime was 20.2C on 29th; lowest max was 6.5C on 8th

Lowest night min was -0.8C on 17th; and warmest night was 9.5C on 30th.

days with 0.2mm or more of rain = 16 with rain 0n 20 days; Total = 44.4mm(41.5)

This is the first time since I started measuring rainfall in October with a month showing above average.

1(2) day with snow falling; nil lying(<1)

2(4) days of air frost and 6(11) of ground frost

0(1) days of fog and 1(1) day with thunder


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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Continental winters & summers.
  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

Yatton, Bristol

1st - 14.5C

2nd - 20C

3rd - 16C

4th - 13C

5th - 13.5C

6th - 12.5C

7th - 11C

8th - 8.5C

9th - 11.5C

10th - 14.5C

11th - 14.5C

12th - 16C

13th - 12C

14th - 12.5C

15th - 13.5C

16th - 15.5C

17th - 10C

18th - 11.5C

19th - 13C

20th - 15C

21st - 15C

22nd - 16C

23rd - 13.5C

24th - 19C

25th - 13C

26th - 15C

27th - 13.5C

28th - 14C

29th - 20C

30th - 23.5C

Sunny Days - 8

Days of Sunshine and Showers - 11

Days With Thunder - 4

Thunderstorms - 2

Days With Wintry Showers - 1

Days With Frosts - 2

Highest Daytime Temperature - 23.5C on the 30th

Lowest Daytime Temperature - 8.5C on the 8th

Highest Nightime Temperature - 14C on the 29th

Lowest Nightime Temperature - -3C on the 8th

Wettest Day - 18th with 13mm

Sunniest Day - 2nd with 9.5 hrs

Lightning Flahses - 59

Thunder Rumbles - 103

Rainfall - 93.5mm

Temperature - 13.9C

Visibility - Moderate/Good

Wind Speed - 10.3MPH

Most Common Wind Direction - WSW

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