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July 2005 Summaries

Polar Continental

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  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet
  • Weather Preferences: Extreme winter cold,heavy bowing snow,freezing fog.Summer 2012
  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet

    Hi everyone,

    Posting early as on hols shortly.

    July 2005.

    My records up until the 29th.

    The first week saw changeable conditions with temperatures rather below average, but with a couple of pleasant days.

    From the 9th we saw quite a prolonged heat wave over most of the country, as high pressure became centred over the UK, this stuck around for around 8 days. I recorded a maximum temperature of 30c on the 10th and again on the 14th, quite high temperatures really as the heat was home grown, not imported heat.

    I also recorded some very warm nights during this period, a minimum of 18c on the night of the 11th / 12th.

    By the 18th low pressure approached NW Scotland bringing a breakdown of the warm settled conditions. Later low pressure also approached the UK from the southwest, bringing very wet conditions for virtually all-southern areas of England. Unfortunately the low pressure virtually parked over southern areas and put an end to any hopes of good weather for the rest of the month, most of the country was cool cloudy and felt autumnal for a time.

    Have put figures in below, as I don’t think they will change much now.

    Average maximum temperature =

    Average minimum temperature =

    Mean temperature, current = 16.6c +0.1 above average

    Warmest day on the 10th & 14th = 30c

    Coldest day on the 25th = 14.7c

    Warmest night on the 11th / 12th = 18c

    Coldest night on the 5th/ 6th = 8.4c

    Rainfall total = 50.8mm

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

    Hedon, East Yorkshire.

    July 2005

    Warmest Max: 29.8°C (on 17/07/05)

    Coldest Max: 15.6°C (on 28/07/05)

    Warmest Min: 16.5°C (on 02/07/05)

    Coldest Min: 9.5°C (on 26/07/05)

    Average Max: 22.33°C

    Average Min: 12.96°C

    Overall Average: 17.6°C (+1.1°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 68.0mm (110% of Normal)

    Air Frosts: 0

    Snow showers: 0

    Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

    Dry Days: 15

    Days With Rain: 16

    Thunderstorms: 0

    Year 2005 So Far (Jan - Jul)

    Warmest Max: 30.1°C (on 23/06/05)

    Coldest Max: 3.3°C (on 24/02/05)

    Warmest Min: 16.5°C (on 02/07/05)

    Coldest Min: -2.4°C (on 28/02/05)

    Average Max: 14.52°C

    Average Min: 6.42°C

    Overall Average: 10.5°C (+1.3°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Air Frosts: 13

    Snow showers: 42

    Snow lying at 0900: 5 days

    Dry Days: 101

    Days With Rain: 112

    Thunderstorms: 11

    Overall a slightly wetter but significantly warmer than average July, only missing out on July 2003 by 0.3°C. It was a month of three parts. The first third of the month was relatively cool and wet, with 50mm of rain recorded from the 1st to 6th. The 2nd saw the highest minima of the month, falling no lower than 16.5°C. However, 3 days later the temperature failed to climb above 16.6°C.

    The second part of the month saw a prolonged hot spell, the best on my records in this location. From the 10th to the 18th the maximas were: 29.5°C, 26.5°C, 24.6°C, 25.9°C, 28.6°C, 25.9°C, 23.9°C, 29.8°C and 25.4°C. Although under high pressure for the 8 days it was rarely sunny, instead often cloudy and muggy apart from the first couple of days.

    The final part of the month was once again cool and wet, with the maxima from the 19th onwards not rising above 21.4°C. The 26th also saw a minima of 9.5°C, the coldest recording of the month. The last 5 days of the month saw further rain, bringing the total to 68.0mm, making July the second month of 2005 with above average rainfall.

    Sadly there were no thunderstorms this month, in fact it was pretty uneventful in that respect. However the month can be seen as a spectacular one due to the hot spell in the middle, which has even August 2003 beaten.

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

    For Great Asby:-

    Highest maximum - 28.9º (11th)

    Lowest maximum - 12.3º (28th)

    Highest minimum - 15.0º (12th)

    Lowest minimum - 7.6º (28th)

    Mean temperature - 15.3º

    Total rainfall - 42.7mm

    No of wet days - 15

    Wettest day - 12.2mm (28th)

    Highest gust - 26mph (28th)

    Dominant direction for month - WNW (how useless is that information?)

    Now, how many of you are dull enough to download this Great_Asby__July_2005.txt? It's the entire output of my weather station for the month of July...taken every 5 minutes.

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

    July 2005 stats for Westbury Wiltshire (compared to 2003 and 2004)

    Average max = 22.8c (2003= 22.3c, 2004 = 21.4c)

    Average min = 12.38c (2003 = 13.6c, 2004 = 12.1c)

    Mean = 17.59c (2003 = 17.9c, 2004 = 16.75c)

    Highest = 30c on 13th and 14th (2003 = 33c, 2004 = 27c)

    Lowest = 10c (2003 = 10c, 2004 = 6c)

    Dry days = 17 including 12 in a row (2003 = 13, 2004 = 12)

    Rain days = 14 (2003 = 18, 2004 = 19)

    Rainfall = 77.5mm (no stats for 2003/2004)

    The heatwave of 10th - 14th was the most consistent heat since August 2003 with 5 days of 29/30c maximum.

    The mean temp works out as near average for all 3 Julys put together!

    Most of the rain fell in the last week.

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks


    my July figures

    figures in brackets are long term averages for this area - mostly back to 1943 but not done exactly to the normal 20 or 30 years most recent means)

    avge min=13.0(11.5)

    avge max=23.0(21.0)



    days with 0.2mm or more=10

    days with any rain=13(12)

    wettest day=13.8mm on 28 th

    No snow, frost, air or ground

    no fog at 0900(0)

    I heard no thunder(3) but being deaf may mean I miss such things!!

    Highest temp=31.4C on 17th

    Coldest daytime max=16.2C on 28th

    Coldest night=9.0C on morning of 26th

    warmest night=16.4C on 11th



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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Continental winters & summers.
  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

    Yatton, Bristol

    The first six days of the month were unsettled and rather dull with a minor thunderstorm over Bristol on the 4th. High pressure brought sunny, dry and very warm conditions in the second week with 32C bringing achieved on the 12th. It stayed mostly dry and settled in the third week but cooler than of late. The 23rd (my 13th birthday) stayed dry with sunny adn quite hot temperatures before the first significant rain of the month arrived on the 24th bring 12mm in total. The last week stayed dull overall though some sunshine was enjoyed.

    Rainfall: 50mm

    Temperature: 23.3C

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