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The Weather For Me In Corfu


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  • Location: Madrid, Spain (Formerly Telford)
  • Location: Madrid, Spain (Formerly Telford)

    Well Im Back Now From Corfu.

    Its raining outside :unsure:

    and just 15c :unsure:

    Anyway Here Is The Weather Report From MEEEEEEEe

    29th July:

    When the plane landed it was already 32c outside.

    The weather that day was very hot and sunny.

    Very humid to.No clouds really just a little cumulus

    and temperature's in Sidari peaked at 36c.

    30th July:

    The sun shone all day with no cloud and poorish

    visibility.But at 37c it was a painful.And still 30c

    at 7pm.

    31st July:

    Weather: Mostly Sunny

    Max: 36c

    Min: 23c

    Evening Weather/Temperature: 28c Sunny

    1st August:

    Weather: Sunny

    Max: 35c

    Min: 24c

    Evening: 28c Sunny

    2nd August: Mostly Sunny,Some Cirrus & Cumulus

    Max: 37c

    Min: 24c

    Evening: Cirrus Clouds 31c

    3rd August: Convection.Breezy.Lots Of Rising Cumulus

    With A Fair Bit Of Cirrus.

    Max: 34c

    Min: 21c

    Evening: Became cloudy with spots of rain.Gusty 27mph

    winds at times.

    4th August:

    3am saw the start of a magical lightning show.

    Hardly any cloud but constant lightning

    then around 4am - 5am there were occasional

    rumbles of thunder giving a brief 10 second downpour

    temps fell to.

    By 7am the storm just gave heavy rain and thunder mainly

    with a couple of rumbles

    During the day rather cloudy weather

    and a few light showers.Very windy though 25mph gusts blowing

    things around and highs of just 28c

    5th August:

    Weather: Mostly Cloudy,Windy,A lot of cumulus but

    brilliant visibility.

    Max: 28c

    Min: 19c

    Evening: Very Windy 39mph gust nearly blew

    sunbeds into swimming pool :lol:

    6th August:

    I went on the Parga and paxos trip.Excellent visibilty

    but cool on leaving corfu just 24c at 11am.

    Choppy seas and windy.31c though in Paxos

    A Cool 25c on arriving back in corfu town

    7th August:

    Weather: Cool Gusty Wind AGAIN,Fair Bit Of CLoud But Excellent


    Max: 28c

    Min: 18c

    Evening: Cool And 40% CLoud

    8th August:

    Weather: Sunny Spells,Breezy,Good Visibility

    Max: 29c

    Min: 21c

    Evening: Warm,Breezy And Mostly Clear 25c

    9th August:

    Weather: SUnny Spells,Some clouds,Breezy

    Max: 29c

    Min: 20c

    Evening: Clear with breeze easing 25c

    10th August:

    Weather: Sunny Spells,Light Breeze

    Max: 30c

    Min: 16c

    Evening: Became VERY cool at just 18c after sunset with chilly

    breeze making it feel like just 14c

    11th August:

    Weather: Mostly Sunny.Light Breeze

    Max: 30c

    Min: 20c

    Evening:Went To Corfu Town,27c There,Warm,Muggy Weather

    12th August:

    Weather: Cloudy Then Clearer Later

    Max: 31c

    Min: ??c

    EVening: Came Home 26c AT 9:15pm when the plane took off

    Came home to 13c,meteors,clear,with a icy wind

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  • Location: Great Yeldham, North Essex
  • Location: Great Yeldham, North Essex

    An interesting mix of weather you had there. I am surprised that it cooled down so much towards the end of your Holiday, especially at this time of year. One thing I can say however, is that the weather where you were was a lot better than it was here!

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  • Location: Ponteland
  • Location: Ponteland

    A disappointing day with a lot of cloud and the odd drop of rain. Current temperature 17.7c,humidity 65%,wind light Northerly, barometer 1023 mb and rising slowly.

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