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August Summaries

Osbourne One-Nil

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  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland
  • Location: Nr Appleby in Westmorland

    Here in Great Asby, Cumbria:-

    Average daily maximum:- 19.2º

    Highest daily maximum:- 26.3º (31st)

    Lowest daily maximum:- 14.8º (26th)

    No of days above 21º:- seven

    Average daily minimum:- 9.3º

    Highest daily minimum:- 12.8º (18th & 31st)

    Lowest daily minimum:- 5.0º (8th)

    Mean temperature:- 14.3º

    Total rainfall:- 109.1mm

    No. wet days:- nineteen

    Wettest day:- 27.6mm (24th)

    Highest wind gust:- 42mph (28th)

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  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet
  • Weather Preferences: Extreme winter cold,heavy bowing snow,freezing fog.Summer 2012
  • Location: South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet

    Hi everyone, as we plough on towards autumn, here are my recordings for last month.

    August 2005, Burton upon Trent.

    After the unsettled and fairly cool end to July, The first week in to August saw slowly rising pressure, but the weather remained rather changeable, with some quite cool nights, but also a couple of pleasant warm sunny days here.

    From the 8th to the 11th it was warm and dry with plenty of sunshine as high pressure moved in from the southwest.

    By the 13th Low pressure moved in to Scotland from the west bringing changeable conditions once again, with some very heavy rain lasting over 5 hours here in Burton.

    The 15th saw pressure rising once again as the Azores high extended its influence towards the UK, the 16th to the 18th saw very pleasant conditions here and over many parts of the Country.

    A general breakdown of the fine conditions was expected on the19th as low pressure moved in from the west, although the low pressure did move in, it became a rather weak affair, here in Burton very little rain was noted, infact pleasant sunny conditions prevailed with temperatures in the low 20’s, the weekend of the 20th and 21st saw beautiful sunny and warm weather continue as a ridge of high pressure quickly built across the UK.

    On the night 21st / 22nd warm humid air associated with a warm front moved across the whole of the UK from the west bringing heavy rain to all areas, this really did see a breakdown of the warm sunny weather, the unsettled spell continued until the 26th with some heavy rain at times, mainly in the form of showers.

    Pressure began to rise steadily around on the 27th as high pressure began to build from the southwest; so the last few days of month were very warm and pleasant, with good amounts of sunshine, although on the last day of the month as pressure started to fall once again over the UK, thunderstorms broke out over wide areas in hot humid air.

    Average maximum temperature = 21.4c

    Average minimum temperature = 11c

    Mean temperature = 16.2, difference from average = 0c

    Warmest day on the 31st = 27.8c

    Coldest day on the 13th = 17c

    Warmest night on the 22nd = 15.7c

    Coldest night on the 7th = 6c

    Rainfall total = 34.5mm

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  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire
  • Location: Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire

    Hedon, East Yorkshire.

    August 2005

    Warmest Max: 28.6°C (on 18/08/05)

    Coldest Max: 17.1°C (on 13/08/05)

    Warmest Min: 15.1°C (on 31/08/05)

    Coldest Min: 9.1°C (on 26/08/05)

    Average Min: 11.91°C (-0.29°C Below 1971-2000 Average)

    Average Max: 21.79°C (+1.29°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Overall Average: 16.9°C (+0.5°C Above 1971-2000 Average)

    Rain: 64.6mm (132% Of Normal)

    Air Frosts: 0

    Snow showers: 0

    Snow lying at 0900: 0 days

    Dry Days: 14

    Wet Days: 17

    Days With Rain >1.0mm: 13

    Thunderstorms: 5

    Year 2005 So Far (Jan - Aug)

    Warmest Max: 30.1°C (on 23/06/05)

    Coldest Max: 3.3°C (on 24/02/05)

    Warmest Min: 16.5°C (on 02/07/05)

    Coldest Min: -2.4°C (on 28/02/05)

    Average Min: 7.02°C

    Average Max: 15.43°C

    Overall Average: 11.23°C (+1.13°C Above Running 1971-2000 Average)

    Air Frosts: 13

    Snow showers: 42

    Snow lying at 0900: 5 days

    Dry Days: 115

    Wet Days: 129

    Thunderstorms: 16

    A slightly warmer and wetter than average August, with some cool nights. The first week was mostly a mixture of sunshine and showers, along with warm days and mild nights. The wind then turned to the north at the start of the second week, giving cooler temperatures and small amounts of rain in the form of showers and drizzle. Mid-month it turned much warmer, with 25°C surpassed on the 16th, 17th and 18th. The south-easterly wind brought night-time fog however, with visibility below 50 metres on the night of the 16th. The next 8 days were then cool and very wet, with the 22nd giving 18.6mm of rain and also 9.3mm on the 24th. The end of the month saw a warm period, reaching 26.3°C on the 31st and the minimum dropping no lower than 15.1°C - the highest recording of the month. The thundery breakdown on the 31st was also very impressive, with lightning strikes every few seconds for a good 4 hours or so.

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  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire
  • Location: Warminster, Wiltshire

    My 3rd August of recordings and it was the coolest so far. Also the 1st time that August has been cooler than July :( . These stats are caused by some very cool nights (5c,6c) and a period of 3 days of only 15c,15c,16c maxxes.

    Average max = 22.16c (highest 29c on 17th,18th,30th)

    Average min = 10.74c (lowest = 5c on 8th)

    Mean = 16.45c

    Dry days = 19

    Rain days = 12

    Rainfall = 55.5mm

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  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset
  • Weather Preferences: Continental winters & summers.
  • Location: Cleeve, North Somerset

    August was a warm and drier than usual. August was only warmer than June and July by 0.1C but June and July were both the same at 18.9C. In Somerset, it wasn't a bad month overall - it was actually quite a differing month. Hot sunny days alternated with occasional wet and very occasionally windy spells. Overnight temperatures at a low of 7C contrasted with lows of 16C.

    1st - 2nd

    It was a dry and bright start to the month, especially on the 2nd with a calm southwesterly. Despite the dry weather, a funnel-cloud was observed over Bristol late on the 1st.

    3rd - 6th

    It became slightly cooler with average peaking temperatures of 21.5C with bright sunshine and cloudier spells at times. There was a spell of light rain overnight 4th/5th.

    7th - 11th

    High pressure settled for a while bringing lengthy spells of hot sunshine but cool temperatures at around 7C by night. The 9th saw a lovely and warm 28C. A cloudier day on the 10th was followed by a warm, sunny and quite muggy day on the 11th.

    12th - 13th

    Low pressure returned bringing breezy and cloudier conditions. A spell of heavy rain on the 13th allowed 8.5mm to fall in 5 hours.

    14th - 18th

    More fine and sunny weather followed and the humidity rose as well. The 17th and 18th were the warmest days of the period with 28C achieved and an average temperature of 22.5C on the 18th. Cloud swept overnight the bringing some light rain and occasional thunder.

    19th - 21st

    After a cooler day on the 19th, the weekend was warm and sunny with a pleasant 25C and clear skies on the 21st.

    22nd - 26th

    It was a rather disappointing week all in all with wet weather and heavy rain on the 22nd. A fine day on the 23rd was followed by heavy rain and strong winds on the 24th. The 25th was bright and breezy with thundery showers. The 26th was cloudier with a scattering of heav showers.

    27th - 31st

    The weather started warming up after an overcast day on the 27th. There was plenty of warm sunshine and it turned hot and humid again by the 30th with another high of 28C. However, the averages show that it was not as warm as the 18th because its average was 0.3C less at 22.2C. Nonetheless, the heat and humidity meant, after a sunny start, the 31st saw some thunderstorms but the rain was mostly light.

    Rainfall - 50mm

    Heaviest Rainfall - 22nd and 24th (10mm)

    Strongest Gust - 22MPH on 24th

    Highest Daytime Temperature - 28C (9th, 17th, 18th, 30th)

    Highest Nighttime Temperature - 17C (17th, 29th)

    Lowest Daytime Temperature - 17C (25th)

    Lowest Nightime Temperature - 7C (3rd)

    Thunderstorms - 1 (31st)

    Thunderstorms within 10km - 3 (18th, 25th, 31st)

    Highest Consecutive Dry Days - 5

    Predominant Wind Direction - WSW

    Average Windspeed - 5.1MPH

    Visibilty - Good/Very Good

    Average Temperature 2005 - 19.0C

    Average Temperature 2004 - 18.5C

    Average Temperature 2003 - 21.7C

    Quite a good month overall.


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  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District 290 mts. Wind speed 340 mts
  • Weather Preferences: Rain/snow, fog, gales and cold in every season
  • Location: Derbyshire Peak District 290 mts. Wind speed 340 mts

    Here at the southern end of the Peak District, August was as follows.

    Mean max' ....19.0c (+0.7c)

    Mean min'.......11.2c (+0.3c)

    Highest max'.....25.7c.... 31st

    Lowest max'...... 14.7c...26th

    Highest min'.......14.1c....17th

    Lowest min'.........7.4c......26th

    Rainfall............. 66.1mm (92%)

    Rain days.........13

    Wettest day.....22.9mm... 13th

    Sunshine hours.........151.70 (87%)

    Sunniest day..........12.77 hrs (8th )


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  • Location: Banbury'ish, Oxon
  • Location: Banbury'ish, Oxon

    Well, yet another below average rainfall month here, probably not aided by the fact that we mustered only 3mm of precipitation from Wednesday nights storms, which whilst spectacular visually, didn't drop significant water for much more than 5 minutes.

    Anyways, my figures as follows:

    Average daily max: 22.4

    Average daily min: 12.23

    Overall average: 17.31C

    Total rainfall: 39.6mm (I'm rapidly starting to wonder if my guage is properly calibrated..........is anybody else vaguely local to me experiencing such low rainfall........?


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  • Location: Swansea (West)
  • Weather Preferences: Snow, Thunderstorms, Hot Summer days
  • Location: Swansea (West)

    AUGUST 2005

    August was an average month with some good warm spells.

    The first week was fairly warm with some sunny spells but also rather wet, the following week was warm and sunny with cool clear nights, this theme continued into the third week, the final week was a lot more unsettled with some very windy and rainy days, although summer returned as August ended.

    The average maximum for August 2005 was 21.38°c which is slightly lower than August 2004 and July 2005.

    taken from summer review 2005 on my site.

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