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Alert No 001014 For Severe Gales And Heavy Rain

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  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks
  • Location: just south of Doncaster, Sth Yorks

    Weather Alert No 001014(Amended at 2230 Sunday 6 th November-see below in red)

    Category Level 3 Warning

    Severe Gales and Heavy Rain

    This is the first Alert for late Monday into Tuesday to cover for a developing storm affecting the northwest of the British Isles, and into Wednesday for heavy rain.

    During Monday afternoon it now seems pretty certain that a low will deepen considerably off the south west of Ireland and swing up the western fringes of the United Kingdom.

    Parts of Northern Ireland (chiefly the north west) along with the western and northern Isles are likely to see the worst of the winds. Some areas of northern Scotland down, about as far as Aberdeen, may also experience severe gales for a short time as the low tracks north of Shetland during Tuesday. It is now felt(2230 Sunday) that areas bordering the Irish Sea should be included as far south as mid Wales. Speeds about 5-10mph below those quoted below.

    Southerly winds of 50-60 mph mean speed seem likely with gusts as high as 75-80mph in the more exposed areas. Northern Ireland being affected late on Monday evening and the other areas mentioned during Monday night into Tuesday morning. As the low moves away from each area the winds will swing westerly and decrease.

    Speeds of this strength may cause some structural damage along with trees, power lines etc, blowing down.

    As the associated cold front moves east it seems likely to slow down and the following areas seem under threat of heavy rainfall.

    sw England, Wales, north west England, including Cumbria and the Borders down into ne England and parts of central northern England. This threat from the early hours of Tuesday into Wednesday.

    Rainfall totals of 25-30mm will give problems due to rivers overflowing. Over some hilly areas considerably higher totals are likely.

    Please see the flood line sites below.

    This Alert will be kept updated throughout the next 48-72 hours.

    Confidence level is currently 70%

    Please refer to the river authorities for warnings for your area, see below.



    for Northern Ireland only a list of emergency telephone numbers at the moment


    Please keep watching Net Weather along with TV channels for any changes to this.

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