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Net-Weather Weather - Issued on 24/11/2005 12:19

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Gales, snow and blizzards

Valid Period: 24/11/2005 12:00 to 25/11/2005 18:00

Valid For: Scotland, Northern Ireland, North England, Wales, Midlands, East Anglia, South England

Category: 5

Weather: Gales, snow and blizzards

Locations: see below

This is an Alert for the whole country.
Please read the relevant country/part country for your area.
Valid from 1200z Thursday 24/11/05 until 1800Z 25/11/05 Friday
Level 5
Gales and Snow
General summary
The arctic air is now flooding south with showers to the rear of the cold front turning wintry from the north. Gale force winds will affect the north of Scotland including the Northern and Western Isles, with strong winds for many coastal and exposed areas of the country through the next 24 hours. Considerable snowfall is expected over northern and western areas of the country, chiefly over higher ground.

SCOTLAND risk 5 for gales and snow
Gale force winds will affect the northern half of the country, 35-40mph with gusts to 65mph, possibly a little higher, chiefly over hill tops for these higher speeds. Winds will slowly fall below warning limits by Friday afternoon but NOT for the western Isles and northern Isles where the warning may need to be re-issued.
Showers are falling widely across the country and will turn increasingly to snow or hail even to low levels. Over the Highland region and other exposed higher levels, say about 1,000ft, blizzard conditions will occur from time to time(this also applies to the Northern Isles). Falls of 1-3cm at lower levels and 15-25cm above 1,000ft are likely

NORTHERN IRELAND, WALES and NORTHERN ENGLAND (including the Peak District) risk 3 becoming 5 overnight for snow
During the afternoon showers will turn increasingly wintry with snow above 1500ft and later down to 300-500ft. Blizzard conditions will occur at times over the higher hills, including some of the major road routes. Falls of 1-3cm at some lower levels are possible with 10cm or more at higher levels. Most inland areas will become dry overnight with only isolated showers tomorrow for northern England. However for Northern Ireland, and Wales, in areas exposed to the North West winds, snow or sleet showers will continue and accumulations of 15cm or more are probable above 750ft.
Over Northern Ireland and some exposed Irish Sea coastal areas winds will touch near gale force at times.

SOUTH WEST ENGLAND risk 1 but becoming risk 4 over the moors for snow
Overnight the showers will turn to snow over the moors above about 500-700ft with up to 10cm in places. Inland areas with shelter will see few showers.

Remaining areas of ENGLAND risk 0 temporarily 3 overnight
Some snow showers are possible over any exposed hilly areas overnight with perhaps 1-3cm for a few places.

Frost will become widespread over all inland areas overnight. Minimum temperatures below zero C and as low as MS6C in some areas with snow cover. Above about 750ft temperatures are likely to remain below freezing point throughout tomorrow.

This alert will be amended as seen necessary and will be updated tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Issued by: John Holmes for Net Weather forecast team

Confidence: 90%%

Read full alert here
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