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Net-Weather Close-up Forecast

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Tuesday until Thursday

After a spell of rather wintry weather in many places- probably the most significant in November for at least nine years- milder weather is set to return during the next few days.

After a cold and frosty night, with minimum temperatures getting down to between -2 and -5C in most western areas, and around freezing in the east, most places will have a dry day. Travelling conditions will be tricky in areas where sleet/wet snow showers have fallen today, and then frozen leading to icy conditions during the rush hour. Scotland and north-east England will be sunny, with some high cloud to the west and south, and some parts of Aberdeenshire, western Tyne & Wear, Northumberland and Durham can expect to wake up to a dusting of snow. Elsewhere there will be a lot of high cloud, and a band of sleet and snow will edge its way south-eastwards through the whole of Wales, together with the West Country and central southern England, although amounts will be small particularly as the band penetrates into southern England. A few inches are likely over the hills of Wales but otherwise any accumulations will be slight.
It will be another cold day, with top temperatures of between 2 and 4C across most of the country. Winds will be light and of variable direction across the country.

Another frost can be expected overnight in eastern areas, but western areas will be turning milder as a band of rain advances from the Atlantic. The day will be cloudy in all parts, with a band of rain moving eastwards, quite heavy in the west but light and patchy once it reaches the east. Snow is unlikely except above about 300m/1000ft, but freezing rain is likely to be a problem at low levels. Temperatures will steadily rise during the day, to highs of 6-8C. There will be a freshening westerly wind.

Thursday will be a washout for all parts of the country. The eastern side of both Scotland and England will start off dry and cloudy, but a band of heavy and prolonged rain will already have spread into western areas during the early hours of the morning, and this will extend to the rest of the country by late afternoon. Amounts will be particularly large in upland areas of Wales and southwest England, and also in western Scotland where falls of 20-40mm are possible. There will be strong southerly winds across the country which will strengthen as the day progresses, touching gale force in south-western Britain by the evening. It will be much milder than of late with top temperatures of 7-9C in the north and 10-11C in the south.

After Thursday, a very deep area of low pressure looks set to grind to a halt over Britain, slowly weakening. Fronts will clear the east on Friday, leaving some bright intervals mixed with showers, these heaviest and most frequent in the west and south. Indications are that into early next week, the low may move away eastwards bringing a return to a colder northerly regime, but that is by no means certain due to it being a long way off.

Ian Simpson

Forecaster for Net Weather.
Issued at 9.00pm on Monday 28 November 2005

Please note, that this forecast is covered by the net-weather terms and conditions of use, which are viewable Here

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