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Net-Weather Close-up Forecast

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Mild but wet and windy

Out Look Summary
An intense low pressure to the south west of the UK skirts along the south of the UK before moving north over England to Scotland.

Mild with outbreaks of rain, being especially squally and heavy in the south today, and with blustery winds around the coast.

The band of rain from Thursday night moves north through Friday giving showers to northern England and Scotland. Over Northern Ireland the rain moves slowly north and west but is expected to give periods of rain throughout the day. A frontal system will form around the center of the low pressure spreading north and east through the day bringing rain firstly to the south west and later into Wales, the Midlands and the south east. Rain associated with the front may be locally thundery and heavy along southern coastal areas with blustery winds. Further heavy showers will occur after the front has passed through affecting southern England and Wales coastal areas. Top temperatures will be around 10 Degrees C dipping down to 3 to 5 Degrees C in inland areas overnight and 7 Degrees C on the coasts. Winds will generally be from the south or east and be strong in coastal areas especially the south coast of England. Later winds will turn southerly over western areas.

Rain moves through the south east in the early hours of Saturday giving blustery and locally heavy rain. Mostly cloudy with some sunny periods interspersed with showers in inland areas with occasionally more heavy and prolonged rain in coastal regions. Temperatures will dip quite low overnight with the possibility of frost in parts of the midlands. Top temperatures will be around 9 Degrees C dipping down to 1 Degrees C in inland areas overnight and 5 Degrees C on the coasts. Winds will ease to a stiff breeze inland but will still be blustery on the coasts especially in the east.

Long sunny periods with occasional showers for much of England although still wet in parts of Scotland. Cooler inland than on the coasts with top temperatures 5 Degrees C inland and 10 Degrees on southern coasts. Coastal areas will continue to see showers and breezy conditions, although winds will generally be lighter than Friday or Saturday. Overnight temperatures range from about 3 Degrees C to 8 Degrees C.

Out Look for Next Week
Mild turning cooler into Tuesday and Wednesday with overnight frost in inland areas, showers in coastal areas.

Net Weather will monitor the conditions and advise of serious weather conditions by issuing alerts.

Forecaster for Net Weather
Issued at 10.00am on Friday 02nd December 2005

Please note, that this forecast is covered by the net-weather terms and conditions of use, which are viewable Here

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