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Net-Weather Close-up Forecast

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Tuesday 13/12/2005 until Thursday 15/12/05

A frosty night is in store for most of the country overnight Monday/Tuesday, with clear skies and temperatures dropping below freezing in most inland areas, and dropping to around 1-3C along the coasts. Tuesday will then be a dry and sunny day over England and Wales, with temperatures reaching highs of 5-7C. However, cloud will thicken across northern Scotland during the morning, with patchy light rain spreading southwards into the region by lunchtime, and this cloudier weather will extend southwards through the rest of Scotland during the afternoon, reaching northern England by sunset. It will be milder under the cloud and rain with maximum temperatures of 7-9C over much of Scotland and Ireland. Winds will be light and north-westerly, but strengthening late on in Scotland.

Overnight Tuesday/Wedensday will see another frost across the southern half of England, but elsewhere temperatures will hold well above freezing due to the cloud spreading in from the north. The day will begin cold, sunny and frosty in the extreme southeast before cloud spreads into the region. Elsewhere, it will be a dry, cloudy and mild day, with a little drizzle for upland parts of western Britain, and temperatures will reach highs of 7-9C. To the lee of the mountains, notably in southeast Scotland and northeast England, the sun is likely to break through from time to time and lift temperatures up to around 10C. There will be a brisk north-westerly wind.

Thursday will be the mildest day of the week, with quite a strong and gusty north-westerly wind. It will be dry over England and Wales with persistent cloud cover over and to the west of high ground, but eastern areas- especially near the east coast of England- will have sunny intervals and patchy cloud. Temperatures will reach highs of 8-10C in the west, and 10-12C in the east, and the odd 13 or 14C cannot be ruled out. It will be less mild in Scotland with some rain pushing southwards during the afternoon, and highs of 8-10C.

Towards the weekend:

There is a large amount of uncertainty as to what will happen this weekend, but current indications suggest that it will turn much colder from the north. Rain is likely to move southwards on Friday introducing much colder air with snow showers for northern and eastern Scotland, and by Saturday some of those snow showers may penetrate down the eastern side of England. More to come in the Wednesday update.

Ian Simpson
Forecaster for Net Weather

Issued at 6:38pm Monday 12th December 2005

Please note, that this forecast is covered by the net-weather terms and conditions of use, which are viewable Here

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