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  • Location: Telford Shropshire
  • Location: Telford Shropshire

    Not sure where to put this...

    I am one of the unlucky people to have a phobia of Thunder, But oddly enough i love watching storms esp at night. Is something wrong with me?

    Here in Shropshire we get our fair share of storms throughout the year and ive known Telford to have a storm on Xmas day a few years back. Situated between the Welsh mountains and big cities like Birmingham we get the brunt of the weather.

    I find myself getting anxious from now till october, constantly watching weather reports whether its on tv, on here or in the paper. The worst part is waiting for a storm to come, but once its underway ill calm down a little and watch it, but ill have my headphones on so i cant hear it (the main part of my phobia) Back in 1995 we had two storms merge into one giant one that raged for a few hours, at one point there was constant lightning for about a minute or so, and one strike hit the telegraph pole less than 50 feet from our house it was so bright it made my eyes turn everything negative for a few seconds.

    Anyway... Back to what i was on about. Just because i have a phobia of thunder does that mean im mad because i love watching them?


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