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Summer 1985


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  • Location: Birmingham
  • Location: Birmingham

    I have recently been collecting weather data for Birmingham and I have built up quite a good database, but I was looking at the temperatures for 1985, and I was amazed how bad the summer was.


    Average temp: 12.5C

    Average max: 16.5C

    Highest max: 22C

    Lowest Max: 11C

    Days above 20C: 4 :D


    Average temp: 16.1C

    Average max: 20.6C

    Highest max: 28C

    Lowest max: 15C

    Days above 20C: 16


    Average temp: 14.7C

    Average max: 18.4

    Highest max: 23C

    Lowest max: 16C

    Days above 20C: 8

    There were only 4 days above 25C during the whole summer :D (and one of them was in October), and the longest amount of consecutive days 20C and above was 8 (and that was from September 25th - October 2nd)

    September & October had more 20C+ days than June & August combined.

    I was only 4 at the time, so I don't have a good memory of the summer, but the only one I can think of that has been worse than this since I was born in terms of temperature was 1993, does anyone else have any memories of this summer.

    Also, does anyone have a link to historical rainfall data for Birmingham, it would help a lot, thanks.

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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
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  • Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire

    Summer 1993 was a cool and unsettled summer across the whole country. There was regional variation, though. In London the summer was fairly dry and sunny with average temperatures, while in Tyneside the summer was cool with near average sunshine and rainfall.

    In the west, it was a cold, dull and wet summer, with Hazelrigg (Lancs) having barely 60% of the normal sunshine during July 1993.

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam
    Also, does anyone have a link to historical rainfall data for Birmingham, it would help a lot, thanks.

    I remember summer 1985 pretty well and it was a shocker. June and August was poor and July was so-so. I remember the storms of late July 1985. Warm days were few

    As for rainfall for Birmingham

    June: 103mm (194%)

    July: 53mm (102%)

    August: 56mm (78%)

    Summer 1985

    Eng&Wales Rainfall: 281mm Temp: 14.0C

    Scotland Rainfall: 454mm Temp: 11.4C

    N.Ireland Rainfall: 384mm Temp: 12.6C

    For Glasgow, it was an appalling summer

    June: 1.5C below average

    July: 0.5C below average

    August: 1.4C below average

    and rainfall

    June: 62mm (107%)

    July: 137mm (201%)

    August: 162mm (195%)

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  • Location: Brixton, South London
  • Location: Brixton, South London

    I would add that in the south east the 2 summers preceding 1993 were rather poor (from recollection). But what sticks in my mind was the difference between the early May bank holiday weekends of 1990 and 1991; on borh occasions I took a break in south east Suffolk [Campsea Ash near Wickham Market]. In 1990 we had hot sunshine (28c max?) bur taking a 12 mike walk to the coast [Aldeborough] the effect of a still cool North Sea and easterly breezes meant a dramatic fall in temperature at the coast. Preceisely 1 year later the weather was cold and overcast with a maximum in EA of 7-8c !



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