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Wednesday 24th

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  • Location: Long Stratton Norfolk: Tornado Hot Spot.
  • Location: Long Stratton Norfolk: Tornado Hot Spot.

Wow thanks for all the replys, nice to hear Rogers story as well I really feel for those people who get caught in the path of these Storms, I guess most people think that a tornado is the one thing that will spoil a locals day when infact if they stop and ask us about possible approaching bad weather they want to know 2 things , 1 is it Tornadic? and 2 is it Severe? to answer one question from yesterdays frilling scary day--- when I was driving at 85mph I was trying to get in front of the Dust storm which was thrashing down the field to my left--- we didnt make it but I knew clear air was only a few more seconds away so apart from droping my speed down to around 40mph we kept going arials hanging off the car and all :D we could only see around 10 feet in front of car as thick brown dirt and debree struck the car it was quite loud!

Anyway today--- Missuori---- it done us over again!! NO STORMS, well not in our chosen area the risk area moved futher to the east and by the time things stated kicking off they were just to far away moving at nearly 30mph to the East and the fact that we have to now thing about central planes we had to let it go :( we headed south from just East of Kansas City and have made our way down to Miami Oklahoma where we are looking at a quite day tomorrow and then our last chase on Friday possibly Kansas.

Glad to see some of you have been watching the action on our APRS signal and its no use shouting at your PCs " yer going the wrong way" we cant hear you :lol: this updates every 3 mins once we are mobile if you want to watch our movements the last few days especially friday from about 22:00hrs BST will be 16:00hrs out here around the time we are looking for storms to fire up, go to www.ukstorm.net/ta 2006/aprs.html We leave on Saturday home Sunday, Paul will call you next week for a long chat :D

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