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  • Location: Ballina, Australia
  • Location: Ballina, Australia

    Hello all,

    Winter Period, our temperatures are still warm but 30 out of 62 winter days are cooler than 20C. Most days are averaging around 22C and night temperatures hanging around 10C mostly. We still get alot of rainfalls similar to summer but July and August are dryier. Some days we get some violent coastal convergence thunderstorms on the coastal areas.

    Our average temperature draft for winter:

    6am 9C (coldest part of the day)

    7am 14C

    8am 17C

    9am 18C

    10am 20C

    11am 20.5C

    12pm 20.7C

    1pm 21.2C

    2pm 21.8C

    3pm 22.1C

    4pm 21.0C

    5pm 19.4C

    6pm 14.5C

    7pm 11.4C (masssive temperature drop)

    Summer are always hot, humid, sticky and stormy. We always get heat day over 30's and violent supercells. This period are likely between September to April. Hp supercells most likely between November and Febuary. Humidity always hang around 80% during the day and usually 1005 under a storm or shower cell and we always get good rain during this period, pretty similar to May and June figures.

    Our average temperature draft for summer:

    9am 24.5C

    10am 25.9C

    11am 26.9C

    12pm 28.5C

    1pm 30.6C

    2pm 31.3C

    3pm 31.6C

    4pm 31.8C

    5pm 32.8C

    6pm 33.8C

    7pm 23.7C (massive temp drop after a severe storm)

    8Pm 23.6C

    9pm 22.9C

    10pm 22.4C

    11pm 23.4C

    12am 23.1C (hot and sticky nights)

    More climate figures for Northern Rivers, Australia are coming in soon.

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