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Yesterday's Rain- Fall 22/07/06

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Hope i've put this in the correct section

Yesterday afternoons storms produced some of the biggest rain fall i have seen in years here in Rotherham . Would you believe it my Electronic rain guage went on the blink . We had a kiddies wading pool in the middle of our 80ft by 36ft wide garden that we emptied yesterday morning before any storms came..The pool has fairly deep sides and measures 1.9m x 1.0m and i drew 65 litres out of the pool this morning from yesterdays storm . Do you think i would be able to gain any kind of measurement from this or not . its such a pity the rain guage broke .A couple of guys in Doncaster measuerd 17.4mm i think and 29.7mm from the same storm

If anyone can't think of anyway i could estimate or get a total from yesterday rain fall i would be pleased to here from them .


Rotherham .

thanks .

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