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Saw A Strange Cloud Last Night

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    I saw something really odd in the western sky near the horizon towards Liverpool and Southport from my location about 11.40pm last night.

    It was about 5 degrees above the horizon and I could see the light pollution in the west then I could see a long strip of darkness about 2 degrees in width then more light pollution. The contrast between the darkness and the light pollution made it look really really odd. It made the light pollution look brighter and the "cloud" look really dark

    Really bizarre!

    It seem to increase in length and was stretching from my point of view from the direction of North Wales to pass Southport and towards the direction of Blackpool. I could see a definite edge on its top side and the bottom edge was less so. After about 25 minutes it got more and more diffuse and the effect disappeared.

    It looked reall odd. :)

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