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1837 and the exceptionally cold spring


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  • Location: Irlam

1837 will always be remembered for that exceptionally cold spring

Jan: 2.7 (+0.3)

Feb: 4.7 (+0.7)

Mar: 2.3 (-3.3)

Apr: 4.7 (-3.2)

May: 9.9 (-1.5)

Jun: 15.5 (+1.3)

Jul: 16.9 (+1.1)

Aug: 15.7 (+0.3)

Sep: 12.5 (-0.7)

Oct: 10.5 (+0.7)

Nov: 5.2 (-0.7)

Dec: 5.3 (+1.7)

March is the 9th coldest on record

April joint coldest with 1701

March and April 1837 are the coldest combination ever recorded with a CET average of 3.5

Spring 1837 is the coldest ever recorded with a CET of just 5.6 (2.6 below the 1801-30 average)

There have been 23 winters milder than spring 1837

The first half of spring (1st March-15th April) just had a CET average of 2.5C.

The CET average for 16th March-15th April is just 2.2C

The CET of the coldest spring of the 20th century (1962) is 6.9 (1.6C below the 1931-60 average)

The following summer was 10.4C warmer than the spring.

The impact of this spring on the flora and fauna as well as the agricultural sector must have been devastating


To put that spring into context.

March 1837: 2.3, the last month that was colder than this was February 1991! December 1995 equalled it

April 1837: 4.7, there have only been 9 months colder than since February 1997

March-April 1837 combined CET is 3.5, the last occasion that two consecutive months were colder than this is December 1996-January 1997 with 2.7

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Fascinating stuff, Mr D'.

A CET of 4.7c in April 1837 would imply a mean temp' of about 2.7c where I live, difficult to imagine in these mild times. April 1986, with a mean of 4.1c, is the coldest I've recorded and that felt almost like winter.

Do you know if it was a snowy, cold month or a dry cold one?


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