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  • Location: Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow
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  • Location: Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow

Good afternoon all,

Have just read this while browsing the net.

This method will tell us the severity of the coming winter, seems very reasonable to me (tongue in cheek) considering all the 'expert' long range winter forecasts we are bombarded with.

Obtain the breastbone of a recently deceased local goose. The length of the breastbone indicates the length of the ensuing winter, while the color of the breastbone indicates its severity. A plain white breastbone indicates a mild winter. A mottled breastbone indicates a more severe winter, and the more mottled the breastbone the more severe the winter to come.

Now everybody go out and find a dead local goose and report back here!!


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  • Location: Cheltenham,Glos

Some weather lore is actually true whilst some sound just plain silly.

Here's another one:

When the wind is in this quarter (S.S.W) at Martinmas, it keeeps mainly to the same point right on Old Candlemas Day (February 14th), and we shall have a mild winter up to then and no snow to speak of -VERIFIED IN 1869

As November 21st,so is the winter.

Jane :cold:

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