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WS2500 weather station

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  • Location: Rosliston, South Derbyshire
  • Location: Rosliston, South Derbyshire

Hi there. I haven't posted for a while - but have a question about my new WS 2500 weather station, purchased from skyview systems.

I'm really happy with the base unit, which is touch screen. The readings are all very accurate when compared to my manual weather station which I run along side the electronic version I now have. It also came with PC evaluation software and a datalogger, which is supposed to enable recordings to be stored while the computer is switched off. I've installed this, but it only seems to be picking up the wind and temperature/humidity readings. The rainfall and pressure is on zero - even though the base unit is giving a continuous readout.

There also seems to be no sunshine duration availability on the PC, even though sunshine is recorded onto the base unit. Can anyone help? I'm probably not doing something right, though if the datalogger is picking up something for 2 sensores, it should in theory pick up the others.

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