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Supercell Hunters massive upgrade

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  • Location: Ballina, Australia
  • Location: Ballina, Australia

The end of year 2008 we will start to organise and upgrade our Supercell Hunters businesses. It will be including alot more spaces to put in our reports and more features on the main website (not freewebs one). The upgrade will be including:

New domain name website of Supercell Hunters including storm reports, weather webcam, weather stations, weather glossary, weather forums, chatroom if necessary and many more that can't be listed. We will bring more features including background pictures, photo galleries, logos and also more pictures that can be combined other things. We also may provide sponsors and government services if they could have an agreement on this project of our business.

Further upgrade will be including chatroom, observations stations throughout the region. At the moment, we have not finish what we have planning on our future business. Before the further upgrade we have storm chasing team and also head office of our business.

Anyone please give us important suggestions?

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