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I am using a script to get some weather data from a grib file, lets say for example that the lattitude is 50 and the longitude is -3. The script I'm using works with longitude from 0 to 360 therefor eno minus figures. it says if i have a west degree i need to convert it to east. I don't understand this does it mean -3 west is 183 east?

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could well be, the readme for the script says:

"lat and long will be in the range -90 to 90 degrees lat and 0 to 359 degrees long. Longitude in GRIB files is 0 to 359 east. If you have degrees in longitude west you will need to convert it first. If lat or long is out of range for the current file an error will be set ( see getError() )."

so its 359 degrees, maybe then if i was looking for 50.12N -3.14W this would be 50.12N 355.88E?

pretty confusing huh!

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