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Wall clouds , Gust Fronts.


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  • Location: Rotherham , South Yorkshire 137m a.s.l
  • Location: Rotherham , South Yorkshire 137m a.s.l

    Hi i often here many people talk about "wall clouds" and "gust fronts " when viewing Thunderstorms . Having recently been following the Storm chase thread in the US i've heard the guys mention them as well. When viewing some of the guys pictures they do say look at the wall cloud and or gust front on this storm and to be quite honest guys i'm not sure which part of the storm they are talking about . Would it be possible for anyone to post up pictures of storms with arrows pointing to "wall clouds , "gust fronts" or another one i've heard mentioned " squall lines" . Posting up pictures with arrows would be good then when a storm approaches it wolud be good to know which points to look for .

    Hope someone can help

    Delta .

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