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A very special day marred by the weather. June 1927

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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

June 1927 was a cool and wet month. The CET was 12.6 and the England and Wales rainfall average for the month was 101.3mm

CET trackometer

1. 13.0

2. 12.9

3. 12.7

4. 12.1

5. 11.8

6. 11.8

7. 11.8

8. 11.8

9. 11.6

10. 11.6

11. 11.6

12. 11.7

13. 11.8

14. 11.9

15. 11.9

16. 12.2

17. 12.4

18. 12.6

19. 12.6

20. 12.7

21. 12.7

22. 12.7

23. 12.7

24. 12.7

25. 12.6

26. 12.6

27. 12.5

28. 12.5

29. 12.5

30. 12.6

The 29th of this month was no ordinary day, it was a very special day. For the first time since the 11th May 1724, a total eclipse of the sun was visible from British soil. The poorness of the weather in the run up to this event frustrated astronomers and the general public on where the best place to view the celestial event.

The track of totality was very narrow and very early in the day. It tracked across North Wales, Lancashire and through Yorkshire to just south of Newcastle.


The total eclipse shadow took just two minutes to go across England and Wales at about 6.25am.

For a lucky few, totality could be seen in gaps in the clouds. The best spot in the UK to view totality was from Giggleswick in Yorkshire, where the Astronomer Royal Sir Frank Dyson witnessed it. Most other areas were clouded or even fogged out but they did witness up to 20 seconds of eerie darkness.

Those who did witness it never forgot the event and a very select few survived to witness their 2nd total eclipse from British soil on the 11th August 1999.

The chart for that special day


The eclipse as reported in the Times










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