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summer 2007:terrible season in south Italy

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  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy
  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy

    in the North Italy, last summer was in average, but in the south, sub-tropical Hp destroyed a lot of hystoric records.

    it started the 25th and 26th of June

    here the extremes temperatures were 41.1° both days, with a desertic humidity and dew point:respectly 8-11% 6.1° during 25th, and 15% 4.2° during 26th.

    phoen blew strongly, 52km/h!

    here was 28.5° at 850hPa!

    but in Sicily 30.5°! near Palermo, in Cefalù, there was 41° at midnight!



    these are some extreme temperature in my region(Puglia):

    25 Giugno 2007


    BARI PALESE 45.5

    BARI CITTA' 45.2° (P)


    BITONTO(P) 44.4(BA) (P)

    BARI S.PAOLO 44.3°C(P)

    MOLFETTA (BA) 44.1(P)


    Giovinazzo(BA) 43.9(P)

    Monopoli (BA) 43.8 (P)

    Barletta città (BT) 43.8 (P)


    Masseria Santa Chiara (bt) 43.6 (i)

    Bari Presidenza 43.3 (i)


    FOGGIA EST 42,4° (P)

    Ofanto S Samuele(bt) 42.2 (i)

    Frassanito (LE) 42°

    Foggia citta' (41.9 e 41.4) (p p)

    Lequile 41.7° (p)


    Mass.Badessa-Squinzano (LE) 41.2°

    Lecce (agrometeo) 41.2°

    BRINDISI 41.2

    Lecce 41.1° (i)

    Manfredonia (FG) 41.1

    Lecce ovest 41.1° (p)

    Foresta Mercadante (BA) +41.0°(P)

    Carovigno (BR) 40.8° (p)

    Arche (LE) 40.5°

    Castellana Grotte (Ba) 40.4°

    San Vito Dei Normanni (br)40.2° (i)

    Sannicola 40.2(LE)(p)

    San Severo 40.1°(fg) (i)

    Nociglia (LE) 40°

    Altamura 39.9°(ba) (i)

    Cassano delle Murge(BA) +41.6 (p)

    Ginosa 39.9°(ta) (i)

    Castel Del Monte 39.8°(ba) (i)

    Lavello (PZ) +39,7°C

    Castellaneta 39.5° (ta) (p)

    Putignano Parco Grande 39.1° (p)

    Putignano Sud (B)38.9°

    S. Giorgio Jonico 38.8°C

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 38.4 °C

    Lucugnano (LE) 37.9°

    Conte-Patù (LE) 37°

    Salice Salentino (LE) 36°

    Gallipoli 32.2° (i)

    ______________________________ ___________________

    26 giugno 2007


    GALATINA (LE) AM 43.2


    Mass.Badessa-Squinzano (LE) 41.8°

    Arche (LE) 41.8°

    Conte-Patù (LE) 41.3°

    Lecce idr. 41.2°

    Lequile 41.2°

    Lecce agrometeo 41.1°

    Lecce ovest 41.1°

    AMENDOLA (FG) 41

    Monopoli (BA) 40.6

    BARI PALESE 40.4

    Bari s.paolo 40.1°C


    Casarano (LE) 39.9°

    Salice (LE) 39.6°

    Lucugnano (LE) 39.1°

    Nociglia (LE) 38.8°

    Mass.Monteruga-Veglie (LE) idr.38.2°

    P.Cesareo(LE) 38° (your 45%)

    Frassanito (LE) 37.9°

    Presicce (LE) idr. 37.6°

    Castellaneta (TA) 37.5°

    GIOVINAZZO (BA) 36.8°

    Tricase (LE) 36.9°

    Gallipoli (LE) reaction 36.8° (your 40%)

    Leuca (LE) AM 34.2°

    Santa Cesarea (LE) 30.3°

    hystoric record in Bari 45.5°

    National hystoric record at the airport of Foggia:47°!!!

    in July, repeted the same situation, but the differen wind from NE "blocked" the temperature:

    in 22th 40.8° but humidity was between 20 and 30%!!! :cold:


    the 24th was the worst: 42.6°!

    humidity 13% and dew point 7.5°

    the phoen burned on the skin!


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  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy
  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy

    the August 23th,here 39.4° with humidity over 30%! :cold:


    since the August 25th, the Sub-tropical Hp destroyed some records in west area of central Italy.

    near Rome, a lot of city had over 40°

    the footbal team of my city, played his first match of sportive season in Frosinone(100km in the south of Rome), there was 42°!



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  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy
  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy

    this is the report of extreme temperature of some private station of south Italy, from the June 1st to the August 31th

    UNDER 30° (dal 1 Luglio)

    Martina Franca (TA) 28

    Giovinazzo(BA) 27

    Lecce ovest 19

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 18

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 13 (agg. 27/08)

    Foggia 10 (Agg 21- :D

    Sannicola valle 8(agg 16- :D

    OVER 30°

    Foggia 63 (agg 21- :cold:

    Sannicola valle 71 (agg 26- :D

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 63

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 55 (agg.27/08)

    Lecce Ovest (LE) 55

    Bari Palese (BA) 48 (agg. 27/ :D

    Martina Franca (TA) 45

    Sannicola valle (LE) 44

    Castellaneta (TA) 41

    Giovinazzo (BA) 40

    Ostuni (BR) 30 (agg.24/7)

    Carovigno (BR) 28 (agg. 20/7)

    Putignano P.G. (BA) 21 agg 27/7

    OVER 35°

    Foggia (FG) 33

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 23 (agg. 27/08)

    Sannicola valle 25

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 19

    Lecce ovest 19

    Castellaneta (TA) 13

    Carovigno (BR) 12 (agg. 20/7)

    Martina Franca (TA) 11

    Ostuni (BR) 10 (agg.24/7)

    Bari Palese (BA) 9 (agg. 27/ :cold:

    Putignano P.G. (BA) 7

    Giovinazzo (BA) 6

    OVER 40°

    Foggia (FG) 9

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 6 (agg. 27/08)

    Lecce ovest (LE) 4

    Sannicola valle (LE) 4

    Bari Palese (BA) 4 (agg. 27/ :D

    Carovigno (BR) 2

    Giovinazzo(BA) 2

    Ostuni (BR) 1 (agg. 24/7)

    Castellaneta (TA) 0

    Martina Franca (TA) 0


    UNDER 15°

    Sannicola valle (LE) 32

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 14 (agg. 27/08)

    Martina Franca 11

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 8

    OVER 20°

    Giovinazzo (BA)70

    Foggia 50

    Lecce ovest (LE) 42

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 40

    Martina Franca (TA) 29

    Bari Palese (BA) 28 (agg. 28/ :D

    Castellaneta (TA) 26

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 25 (agg. 27/08)

    Sannicola valle (LE) 14

    OVER 25°

    Giovinazzo (BA) 8

    San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) 5

    Martina Franca (TA) 4

    Castellaneta (TA) 4

    Lecce ovest (LE) 4

    Foggia 2

    Montalto Uffugo (CS) 1 (agg. 27/08)

    Bari Palese (BA) 1 (agg. 24/7)

    Amendola (FG) 0

    Sannicola valle (LE) 1

    OVER 30

    Ostuni (BR) 1 (agg.24/7)

    Amazing Conditions and Welcome to NW. What are the normal conditions the summer in that area.

    Hi Jack

    the normal condition are the Azzorrian Hp and rare Sub-Tropical influence.

    max between 30°-34° and min under 20°

    40 degrees are relatively frequent but not every year.

    think that in 2007 we've had over 40° 4 times!

    frequency and intensity are the caracteristic of the abnormal summer 2007.

    these are the conseguence of the strong meridian exchange

    sorry, but I can't write more, because my english isn't suitable :D

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  • Location: near Catania (south-Italy) - 670 masl
  • Location: near Catania (south-Italy) - 670 masl

    Hi Franco! :cold:

    I remember it!

    In my area (670 masl), I have exceeded 40 degrees for 3 days this summer, it didn't happen since 1998.

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  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy
  • Location: Lecce- SE Italy
    Hi Franco! :cold:

    I remember it!

    In my area (670 masl), I have exceeded 40 degrees for 3 days this summer, it didn't happen since 1998.

    I don't know how many time we haven't got the same situation.

    we didn't have rain for 3 month, and the fire destroyed a lot of green zone, especially in Puglia,Sicilia and Abbruzzo

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