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La Crosse WS 3600 wind anemometer failure


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Can anyone help. Had my La Crosse WS 3600 since last Dec, generally happy with it, but 2 months ago readings from the wind anemometer failed suddenly after working ok. It is the turbine type. I can see the rotor turning ok, but, as it's up on top of the chimney (chimney is on side of house so I am not affected by false high wind speed over the roof ridge), and when I put it there was before I had a spinal operation, its not easy to get up there to check it.

I was wondering if anyone knew what voltages I should expect from the wire feeding back from the turbine, if its working ok, to the Thermo-Hygro Sensor which is mounted at ground level out of the sun. This way I could tell if the problem was up on the roof, or if it was in the Thermo-Hygro Sensor

I do not use battery power, the mains transformer feeds power up to the anemometer and to the Thermo-Hygro Sensor. All of the other parts function correctly and feed data ack to the HeavyWeather software I use. I have asked La Crosse tech support for help, but, although they responded ok on another earlier issue, they have ignored this enquiry.

Hoping for help, Jonathan

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  • Location: Cambridgeshire Fens. 3m ASL
  • Location: Cambridgeshire Fens. 3m ASL

    I have the ws2300. As far as i'm aware the 3600 is the touch screen version of my model (Might be wrong). It still needs batteries in the thermo hydro unit. The transformer only runs the base unit. So as a suggestion I would change the batteries in the thermo unit and see if that helps.

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