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Looking for help from a weather enthusiast....

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Dear all,

Hoping this is an appropriate place to post this - if not please accept my apologies.

I am a travel writer who has been commissioned to provide and edit content for a group of predominantly travel related websites - one of the websites we though has become almost entirely weather focussed whereas riginally we had envisaged the focus on being weather for travel.

So now we are looking to hire a freelance contributor to update the more weather specific content, sourcing trivia and commenting on weather related news and stories. The brief is pretty wide ranging with a lot of flexibility for the right person to develop the weather aspects as they best see fit.

It would probably require no more than an hour a day, so would be manageable for just about anyone who is internet savvy and spends a reasonable amount of time online. Also the pay is quite modest, so a certain amount of the motivation would need to be a desire for and interest in sharing and discussing information about the weather. Hence why I thought a regular contributor here might be interested.

If you would like to know more please see the site at http://www.theweatherfront.com to get a feel for it's current incarnation and then should you remain interested please email me at editor @ theweatherfront.com. There are some techie issues with the site but they are being fixed as we speak. Its best viewed in Firefox!

I hope to hear from somebody here, and many thanks


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