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2007 Pacific hurricane season

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  • Location: Tiree
  • Location: Tiree
The 2007 Pacific hurricane season was an event in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation. It officially started on May 15, 2007 in the eastern Pacific, designated as the area east of 140°W, and on June 1, 2007 in the central Pacific, which is between the International Date Line and 140°W, and lasted until November 30, 2007. These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the Pacific basin.

The season began slowly; through the end of July, the seasonal ACE was the third lowest since the geostationary satellite era began in 1966.[1] The inactivity continued through the next month, which was the third quietest August in terms of ACE since reliable records began in the basin in 1971.[2] Tropical Storm Barbara in June caused $55 million (2007 USD) in crop damage in southeastern Mexico from heavy precipitation. In August, Hurricane Flossie formed in the Eastern Pacific and crossed into the Central Pacific, threatening Hawaii but causing little damage. In early September, Hurricane Henriette dropped heavy rainfall in southwest Mexico, which caused nine fatalities and $275 million (2007 USD) in damage.


2.1 Tropical Storm Alvin

2.2 Tropical Storm Barbara

2.3 Tropical Depression Three-E

2.4 Tropical Depression Four-E

2.5 Tropical Depression Five-E

2.6 Hurricane Cosme

2.7 Tropical Storm Dalila

2.8 Tropical Storm Erick

2.9 Hurricane Flossie

2.10 Tropical Storm Gil

2.11 Hurricane Henriette

2.12 Hurricane Ivo

2.13 Tropical Depression Thirteen-E

2.14 Tropical Storm Juliette

2.15 Tropical Storm Kiko


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  • Location: Taunton, Somerset
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  • Location: Taunton, Somerset

What was remarkable about this season in the East Pacific was how quiet it was. A season with only one major hurricane is a fairly unusual occurance (the last was 2003). The average is 4 or 5 major hurricanes so obviously well below average in this category. There were only 4 hurricanes which is well below the average of 9. Does anyone know the reason for this? Was it La Nina?

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  • Location: Tiree
  • Location: Tiree

according to wiki

However, in 2006, a rapidly forming El Niño event, combined with the pervasive presence of the Saharan Air Layer over the tropical Atlantic and a steady presence of a robust secondary high related to the Azores high centered around Bermuda, contributed to a slow season and all tropical cyclone activity ceasing after October

so it was proberly still well in affect for 2007.

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