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Midnight Rockpooling! Part II


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Part 2/3 of my rockpooling series!

The last two rockpooling trips have yielded a diverse range of sealife (pictures below), from giant sea urchins to tiny porcelain crabs. Tonight is our final night rockpooling, before the tides get higher again. Thankfully, the weather has been kind to us, and we are forecasted a clear night tonight :) The low tide tonight is at midnight, and at 0.72m, the lowest tide we will experience for some time. So we have high hopes, wish us luck! :)

Here are some pictures of what we found last night...

This is a porcelain crab, and the carapace width is only around 8-10mm, so pretty small! However, we needed a piccie of it to add to the website. The crab is identified by it's large claws compared to it's body, and it's dimunitive size.


Another creature that we needed a picture of was the Chiton, which is a tough, armour-plated mollusc. This particular example was about 2cm long.


When we headed back upshore, we encountered a number of decent sized hermit crabs, which took away the disappointment of not finding a lobster (again! :rolleyes: )



Hopefully we will get a good haul tonight, ready to show you all tomorrow. :)

Take care,

Steve :)

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