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A Grand Day Out...


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Well, what a gruelling day today! Taking advantage of the excellent, almost spring-like weater today, me and James set off for a river (not sure of the name, sorry!) which was about 30 mins further than Peasholm Park. Lovely views, great wildlife, and some new species amongst the rocks made for a great day overall. Tiring though! We spent around 8 hours walking around today, phew! :shok:




Some wildlife amongst the tall grass, weeds and brambles...(often zoomed in fully, hence any slight blurriness)

A heron


And a Roe Deer (we think)


After some sound advice, I tried one of these cool water shots...(took me a few tries!)



Then it was to the rockpools! Again some lovely views...


Scarborough Castle view from the rocks...


We found a new type of crab, the Broad-Clawed Porcelain Crab. Very difficult to see due to their texture and colour, they blend into rock crevises very well. They are only small, with this particular example having a carapace (body) diameter of about 1cm...


Plenty of Long-Clawed Porcelain crabs about too, interestingly a lot more than what we find on Holbeck Beach closer to the uni...


We finally landed our lobster too! It was only a baby squat-lobster, but it's still a lobster. These examples were about 2cm in body length, and are possibly two different species of squat-lobster...



All in all, a good day! Hope you like the piccies, thanks for viewing and commenting as always :doh:

Shelby770 :)

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