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Vancouver's Stanley Park

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  • Location: Rossland BC Canada
  • Location: Rossland BC Canada

    Tuesday Feb 5/08 ... these pictures show some views around Stanley Park on a rather windy day. The wind damage evident in some of the pictures dates back to a stronger storm on Dec 15, 2006, when tornadic winds cut swaths through the forest in the park, and left widespread destruction. This will take a generation to grow back to any extent, but most of the park still looks the way it did before that storm.

    Since I don't trust the edit function to remain open, these six pictures show:

    1. Looking towards the Lions Gate bridge with low cloud hugging the north shore as it often does in winter.

    2. A large container vessel steams towards the Port of Vancouver, looking east, Burnaby Mountain in the background.

    3. The storm damage from Dec 15, 2006 -- this open view used to be a closed, dense forest; 70% of the trees in some areas were levelled by tornadic winds of 120 mph or more.

    4. Looking south towards Point Grey and the UBC campus, across the 10 km running and cycle track that circles the park.

    5. Looking north towards the city of West Vancouver on the north shore. Snow cover and ski slopes hidden by the cloud.

    6. Looking west towards the Straits of Georgia and a few large ships sitting at anchor waiting for their next voyage.







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  • Location: Home near Sellindge, 80m/250feet, 5miles from Coast
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  • Location: Home near Sellindge, 80m/250feet, 5miles from Coast

    Nice photos!

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