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Snow in my backyard! (North Dublin)

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  • Location: Dublin
  • Location: Dublin

Well i actually had a decent 20 minutes of snow for what must be over 3 years now, infact it's probably the best of the 3 sprinklings i have had since 2001.

The day started off with snow in the west and to the north and the showers seemed to be evading Portmarnock as usual, a trough line formed over northern Ulster around 4pm which was getting our interests and hopes up, then the trough started to fragment but then something much closer to us started to bubble up.

Convection had been lacking all day but then at around 5pm a shower formed over Meath and seemed to just stay still and become bigger and bigger.

The clouds to my north began to look very threatening and by around 530 it had edged very close, then it started raining!


courtesy of nw-xtra

It rained moderately for five minutes, then hail began to fall and then big juicy flakes of snow, it began to get really heavy and for 20 minutes it snowed and snowed.

I was like a little kid at Christmas, to my misfortune my camera ran of batteries and i had to search for some frantically!

The snow piled up quite nicely in such a short space of time, i ate some snow and made a mini snowman.

Twas a blast, and then it was gone, the phantom meeting with snow was over for another year at least.

And i suppose it is that, the sheer rarity of snowfall, the deep uncertainty of of snowfall and the fact that snowfall always comes as a surprise for some reason or another, these are the reason why i love and crave it so much:D

The snow begins to fall



Blurry pic of field at the end of the snowfall








The deep Drifts!


My back yard


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  • Location: Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

Better than nothing Matty, I should know cos I'v had zilch here!

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