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All Eyes On Monday


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Updated: Friday 07/03 09:00
An unsettled weekend on the way, with the threat of some snow Sunday. Monday is the day everyone is watching though with a deep atlantic storm system set to bring a bout of severe weather.
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Guest knightstorm (guest)

You know when they say exceptionally severe gales we could be looking at a monster of a storm. Wouldn't surprise me to see 90mph+ winds in places! :):):)

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Guest Gordon (guest)

No doubt we will get a rough ride as from sunday tea onwards and wont settle till tuesday morning as it passes across the country, i predict most damaging winds mainly south england, midlands and subsiding there upwards. a vast area of colder air is being pulled through with it and this will bring sleet to may areas. ive ben watching this area and models for 5 days now and it is getting more energy and deeper. pressure estmated 960 on average.

my advice, put everything under firm cover, bricks on bins cars in garages if poss, stock up now on food, bottled water, on candles for power disruption and stay in doors till it passes. someone each time this occurs always gets hurt or worse so heed all warnings.

we don't get it emough for us to be carefull but as us brits like to preach, better safe than sorry!

Becarefull guys.


Gordon, Blackpool.

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Guest Mass Hysteria

Newbie post.

Couldn't help notice a forecast member earlier today ( this morning I think) saying that the storm on the way is quite often what Scotland can experience. Fair enough. The member (in blue I think) then goes on to say because this storm is more southerly in direction the potential danger is evident for millions if not careful.

Why then did the forecast member flippantly ignore the fact a few million population do stay in the region between Edinburgh/Glasgow et al when these types of storms have already occured this year?

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  • Location: Aviemore
  • Location: Aviemore

    Welcome to the forum MH, I didn't see the post myself and can't find it either unfortunately. But if it was someone in blue, they're not forecasters they're moderating team members.

    Plus I'd also add that we do regularly cover and alert for storms affecting to Scotland, giving them the same level of coverage as we do for any upcoming weather :wallbash:

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