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Software for weather data and event monitoring

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We present you a software that collects data sent from the Oregon weather


The software is called :

"I/O - UPS - Weather Event Monitoring with Embedded Web Server".

This software allows to receive data sent by external devices as a

weather station, a UPS, a webcam, and to look up these data remotely.

This application also allows to define and launch emergency processes

when necessary, and this according to user-defined alarm thresholds

(temperature, humidity, barometry, wind speed) or in the event of a

power failure (if a UPS is connected to the software).

This program communicates with an Oregon weather station connected to

the computer via its USB port. It also communicates with an I/O USB

card from Velleman (VM110) and with a UPS via its USB port or RS-232

serial port in order to detect power failures. The software can also

use pictures taken by one or several webcams in order to allow visual

monitoring of processes or places, for example. None of these devices

is mandatory, the user connects the ones he/she needs within his/her

own configuration.

The Oregon weather station can be used in order to monitor the

temperature and humidity of a computer room, for example, or of

several rooms (up to 10 sensors can be added). In this case, the

software will use the collected data as environmental data, while,

if the user adds the Oregon anemometer to its configuration in order

to measure the wind speed, all the data sent by the Oregon station

will be used as real weather data. Moreover, the data are registered

both 'real-time' and under the form of averages, minimas and maximas,

this continuously, day by day, in order to allow later reuse.

All these functions are available :

- from within the software itself

- via the web browser of your choice (Internet Explorer strongly

recommended) on the PC where the software is installed

- via a remote web browser (Internet Explorer strongly recommended)

inside or outside of your private network. In this case, the Dedicated

Web Server included in the software must available on the Internet.

You will find this software on the following page :


A freeware version is available.

Comments and suggestions are welcome !

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