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  • Location: Greenhithe, N/W Kent (home) City Of London (work)
  • Location: Greenhithe, N/W Kent (home) City Of London (work)

    Interseting piece from Joe regarding the tie in of our latest weather to the states,


    Actually, this is the time of the year that we all want spring to come. But as so often happens in La Nina winters, the coolest time of the year come just before and just after winter in the northwest especially. Lets look at London and compare them with NYC. The 45 days ending DEC 15 IN NYC ( LGA AIRPORT) were -1.6 degrees. London was milder at .9, but both were warmer by a large margin the following 60 days, or the heart of the winter season London at 3.5, lga at a whopping 5.0! Interestingly enough look at this..the whole period, London is 2.4 above, LGA is 2.2 above. SInce Feb 15 NYC has cooled down to only .2 above normal but London has stayed warm at 3.3. The reason...The very cold air over North America this winter has made inroads into the weather pattern over the eastern US. But what is northwest of england and northwest Europe? The warmed atlantic ( warm amo)

    However here is the trick that means both will get very very cold relative to averages over the next 2 weeks and both are liable to see it snow ( dear reader, forgive me, I am using this to illustrate a hands across the water teleconnection for western Europe and the eastern US.

    We are going to shorten wavelengths and sharpen up troughs NYC will get much colder as cold air from central and eastern Canada can come right in. Europe is going to get very cold as a strong north south trough develops and send arctic air straight south. This will lead to major snows in the Alps and

    bitter cold away from the ocean, though much of england will see snow again in this pattern and Scotland especially is in for rough weather Chances are the last 10 days of the month in NYC are 6-8 below normal while its 3-5 below normal in the example given here, London, in the days starting Friday.

    So lets see how that works out. It is interesting to note that the pattern change, because of the ocean, makes the late winter pattern warmer over western Europe then their brethren eastern North America. But the reverse is true in the later summer and fall NYC in Sept and Oct was 4.9 above normal, London down wind from the atlantic ,still warm but only 1.7

    But look at this...over the last year, since April one 07. BOTH ARE 2.3 ABOVE NORMAL.

    And some people think that England and the US arent close anymore tssk tsssk!

    On a more serious note, the idea that it was just cold in europe during the little ice age that was recorded, and no where else is plainly poppycock. The reason why North America cold was not recorded as much was that the native Americans that made up the bulk of the population had better things to do ( like keep warm) than send over reports to europe on the North American climate. When the colonies settled it was quite cold through the 1700s and we have been pulling out since then.

    Chances are if it was cold in Europe, it was cold here.. but why let facts and examples get in the way, right?

    As usual a global warming snide remark ends one of my little posts

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