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Weather Stations

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  • Location: Tiree
  • Location: Tiree

    I was wondering if theirs any cheap weather stations that measure the wind speed all the time?

    my current one only takes samples.

    thats the main thing im interested in.


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    What do mean by cheap Cookie?

    You can get a full weather station starting from about £80, but you get you what you pay for!!

    The one I have is a La Crosse WS2300 which is a cheap setup but, apart from the anemometer packing up twice, has been good in the 4 years I've had it. I would recommend going for the upgraded cup type anemometer with this one though. :D

    The anemomenter I have on the roof was about £60 from the US and needs a PC to run it. This will give wind speed & direction, plus it has a built-in temperature sensor as well. You will need an adaptor to connect it to the PC though & these are about £28 each.

    For just the wind speed then there's the Inspeed Vortex anemometer which is very good and fast updating. You can get them with a serial interface instead of the readout that will connect to your PC and if you search around you can get them at around £50.

    It all depends on what you want it for and what setup you're looking for, will be connected to the PC or stand-alone?

    Will you get the bug and want more from it in the future?

    Think carefully before you buy as you could end up spending your money on something that'll need upgraded in 6 months time, when you could have spend an extra £50 and got a full station. :)

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