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April Winter


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  • Location: Irlam
  • Location: Irlam

    April 1922 was a very cold month and especially in the first half, wintry.

    CET: 5.5 (joint 9th coldest April)

    Scottish: 3.4

    Northern Ireland: 4.2

    The actual cold spell began around the 19th of March, when northerly blocking developed and lows starting tracking across southern parts of the UK bring snowfalls on their northern flanks. Wales and parts of Ireland were particularly hit on the 31st of March, when a small low tracked across Cornwall into northern France bring heavy snowfalls on its northern flank. On the 3rd, a new system tracked across the south bringing a very cold day with snowfalls in places. Maxima were unusually low for April.

    19th March-12th April CET: 3.1

    CET trackometer

    1. 1.4

    2. 1.7

    3. 1.5

    4. 2.0

    5. 2.3

    6. 2.8

    7. 2.8

    8. 3.1

    9. 3.2

    10. 3.4

    11. 3.5

    12. 3.7

    13. 4.0

    14. 4.4

    15. 4.8

    16. 4.9

    17. 4.9

    18. 4.9

    19. 5.0

    20. 5.1

    21. 5.2

    22. 5.3

    23. 5.3

    24. 5.5

    25. 5.5

    26. 5.4

    27. 5.4

    28. 5.4

    29. 5.4

    30. 5.5

    Over the next couple of days, Times articles starting with the 1st of April edition


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  • Location: Windermere 120m asl
  • Location: Windermere 120m asl
    The 3rd of April 1922 was an unusually cold day for April. The CET maximum was just 3.1C (-7.1C)

    Here is from the Times of the 4th April 1922






    Another wonderful archive clipping. Interesting how they used to call holiday resorts 'health' resorts instead, and how Nairn in Scotland was included as one of these.

    Out of interest do you have any clippings from the more recent cold snowy spell of April 1981?

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    • 13 years later...
  • Location: Cheshire
  • Location: Cheshire

    London mean was 2.0F below average in March 1922 and 4.9 below average in April (Brazell), With the exception of 1921, every year from 1915 to 1933 had overall average or below average means in London, so definitely a cold spell in the 1920s.



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